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If I Was You

  • Gah! Still lagging from previous posts. >.<
  • Sun 13/03 – quiet day in then brief outing with the pops to the cas
  • Mon 14/03 – hooray for public holiday! Mum gets back from her Melb trip ❤
  • Fri 18/03 – dins and wine with K at Rigoni’s, then legged it to chinatown for some crepes and coffee, good times, good times
  • Sat 19/03 – everyone bailed out on lunch so N and I feasted on yum cha
  • Thu 24/03 – training sesh where I had to run 2.4km non stop – which is quite a feat for me! Yayers~
  • Fri 25/03 – chinatown food court feast with mum and central market browsing ❤
  • Sat 26/03 – scored myself a pair of new blingy studs from oroton, watched Gnomeo and Juliet (meh) and caught up with some girlfriends for dins and a brief stint at ‘the city’
  • Wooo~ some of my birthday stash:
    polaroid 300
  • FM collage frame and a very special water bottle cap (not pictured, hahaha!):
  • FM signed album!! Woooo, I’m missing DJ Virman’s tag though 😦
  • Peter Alexander stash! 1x PJ set and a hot water bottle ❤
  • Wooden word motifs- ‘dream’, ‘create’ and ‘inspire’ ❤ ❤



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