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define me in any way you know how.

Do it in the AM

  • 30/04 – Went op shopping and scored myself a black blazer for work $10 and a cashmere Witchery black knit for $6. Yep, not a typo… six freaking buckeroos! ❤
    Also had a sugar hit that night at the Aviary before heading over to Trangs for a bit. 🙂
  • 01/05 –  Saw Fast 5 and LOVED it. Han’s in it… AND HE GETS THE HOT GIRL Win win! hahaha
  • 02/05 – Started dance classes and swagged my way home to Chris Brown’s yeah yeah yeah ~
  • 05/05 – Saw Wicked the musical and LOVED it. It was amazingggg!!
  • 06/05 – Coffee and ice cream date with my lovelies.
  • 07/05 – Wine tasting and luncheon at the Wine Centre before frolicking amongst the tall trees in the ‘forest’! Fun times 🙂

For your listening pleasure… and some eye candy too!


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