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Happy snaps from May through to September πŸ™‚

boom box, kevin jumba, jayesslee, polaroid, nigahiga
Boombox tour #2

amf bowling

amf bowling
Bowling with the homies

queen street cafe
Brunch at one of my fav haunts: Queen Street Cafe

Wasai sushi and sashimi boat ❀

red door bakery creme brulee tart
Red Door Bakery creme brulee tart


crepes story

treasury cocktails

devour pork buns

hotel richmond

barossa gourmet weekend

barossa gourmet weekend

barossa gourmet weekend

barossa gourmet weekend

burger theory

burger theory



If I Was You

  • Gah! Still lagging from previous posts. >.<
  • Sun 13/03 – quiet day in then brief outing with the pops to the cas
  • Mon 14/03 – hooray for public holiday! Mum gets back from her Melb trip ❀
  • Fri 18/03 – dins and wine with K at Rigoni’s, then legged it to chinatown for some crepes and coffee, good times, good times
  • Sat 19/03 – everyone bailed out on lunch so N and I feasted on yum cha
  • Thu 24/03 – training sesh where I had to run 2.4km non stop – which is quite a feat for me! Yayers~
  • Fri 25/03 – chinatown food court feast with mum and central market browsing ❀
  • Sat 26/03 – scored myself a pair of new blingy studs from oroton, watched Gnomeo and Juliet (meh) and caught up with some girlfriends for dins and a brief stint at ‘the city’
  • Wooo~ some of my birthday stash:
    polaroid 300
  • FM collage frame and a very special water bottle cap (not pictured, hahaha!):
  • FM signed album!! Woooo, I’m missing DJ Virman’s tag though 😦
  • Peter Alexander stash! 1x PJ set and a hot water bottle ❀
  • Wooden word motifs- ‘dream’, ‘create’ and ‘inspire’ ❀ ❀



Ape Shit

The crazy ass month that was:

  • Had a full catch up sesh with my lovely C over a Mexican dinner many Mondays ago. ❀ Love you! xx
  • Photoshoot at work with me being the model… interesting times… I’ve yet to see the photos! :/ EEEK!
  • Spontaneous outing with Nomi at eggless and a 2 hour sesh at karaoke… oh yeahhhhh~
    eggless, white chocolate and green tea tart eggless, black sesame creme brulee
    White chocolate and green tea tart, black sesame creme brulee
  • Catch up lunch with Jenn down by the quay overlooking the water and seeing a dolphin and jelly fishes at Portobello
  • Went to see Michael Buble… aka MICKEY BUBBLE! AMAZING CONCERT… it was the best concert I’ve ever been to… but that only lasted for a week! HA! πŸ™‚ But the man knows how to put on a show! What a brilliant and amazing entertainer. Oh.. and the supporting act – Naturally 7 were BEYOND amazing as well!

  • Flew out to Melbourne a weekend before my birthday for early celebrations and of course.. to see the one and only FM. ❀ ❀ ❀

    Boarding the first flight out to Melb in the AM.
  • Grabbed an early yum cha bite before our group of 5 split up – one on route to shopping, and the other to just chill and explore Melb
  • Our posse of three roamed Melb CBD, dropped by Crown, hung around in the arcade, found tokens and got ourselves a free water pistol, legged it to DFO and scored myself a dress for one of the upcoming weddings this year (must slim down!), checked into hotel, got ready and headed out to KBBQ – yuumy food and good service UNTIL THEY KEPT OUR CHANGE AS TIP… like we get it, you want tip, we’ll give you a tip but give us our change first you assholes! UGH.
  • Treated ourselves to dessert at passionflower
  • Before making our way to see the FM show… WOOHOOOOO~

FM spam post to follow!


Window’s Down

Gahhh, this year is just about over! That means that I’ve been home for over a year now.. doesn’t really felt like I left! Shucks.. shouldah stayed in Sydney for another year or two. But no point in ‘what if’s’ aye? To be honest, I’m ready for 2010 to be over… what a year it’s been… bring on 2011 and AO baby! Can’t think of a better way to kick start the year πŸ™‚

Quick recap in dot point form… just cause I can, heh.

  • 15/12 – K leaves on her second European adventure, which means she’ll be spending Christmas, her birthday and NYE in different countries! LUCKY ASS. πŸ™‚
  • 18/12 – Pre-xmas dinner with my lovely ‘C’s’ and respective partners with a little karaoke to end off the night, woot woot!
  • 19/12 – Boom Box tour feat. Kevjumba, Lydia Paek, JRA and others. Heh…. lets just say… ‘so that’s what it feels like to be at a Bieber concert’. UGHboombox tour, kevjumba, timothy delaghettoboombox tour, lydia paek, jra
    J.R. Aquino – By Chance – very impressive!
  • 23/12 – Work lunch then went to watch an ice hockey match
  • 24/12 – Sushi train lunch, xmas eve din dins and opening pressies at midnight
    xmas 2010xmas treatsxmas dinner - chicken with spinach and pine nut stuffing
  • 25/12 – xmas lunch with phuongie and peoples.. food comas to the maximums!xmas 2010xmas lunch, ham, chicken, prawnslulu gifted
    Phuong’s dog Lulu getting gifted… hahaha
  • 26/12 – boxing day bbq at cousins
  • 28/12 – sales and lunch at the botanic gardens restaurant – highlight of the day? MY KICKS! Been eyeing them all year, so caved when they were on sale. Woot woot
  • 30/12 – locking myself indoors to avoid the 39c heat outside… bracing for a killer NYE… 43/27C degrees… oh lordy lord!




I AM SO SOREEEEEEEEEE.. Another weekend of soreness!

Kicked off the weekend early this week and headed into the city after work hoping to catch a glimpse of Callum Hann from Master Chef 2010 and to purchase some of his macarons. (MacarOns with one ‘o’ people, one ‘o’. Get it right Master Chef peoples >=( heheh ). Friend and I got to the markets early and waited around for a bit whilst a small crowd was forming at the Providore Central Market. Whilst looking at the sugary delights being displayed on the Providore counter, a tall fellow came up besides us and strutted up a conversation, turns out it was Callum! Although we were a bit star struck, we got over it quickly and chatted for a good few minutes before taking a photo with him and scoring ourselves a box of macarons each.

callum, master chef, macarons
Callums macarons – beetroot, chocolate, pistachio and peanut butter.

I’ll be honest, they weren’t very pretty dome shaped macarons, BUT they had feet, crispy shells and gooey chewy centres – just what a macaron should be. And they’re hard as hell to make too! Favourite flavour of the lot? Peanut Butter hands down! Even mum agrees πŸ™‚ The other flavours were ok, I found the chocolate ganache too hard and the beetroot and pistachio flavours weren’t strong enough for my taste buds. But then again, this is coming from someone who likes their chillies super hot and tea super bitter (testing ones tastebuds to the ultimate! However, spicy hot food challenges are not on the agenda).

Default hike to Lofty fighting through numbness of the leg and treated oneself to yum cha for a job well done. Hahaha! Then celebrated friends 25th birthday over the span of the weekend. First event: bboy underground battle at Medal Jam… and boy oh boy, there were so many sausages there! HAHAHAH. Girls, if you’re up for a perve fest, this is the place to be. No joke! HAHAHAHA. Jen and I have sussed them all out, Hehehe!

bboy battle, medal jam, tofu
Bboy battle at Medal Jam.

Ended the night off at some dudes house for drinks and a bit of mingle where I saw myself being interrogated by stick man – leave me alone dude.. hhahah I kid I kid. Stick man is a long time friend who weighs a mere 60kg but eats like a tank (it’s not fair! ), shares the same birthday with me and will be my knight in shining armour if my Honda ever konks out on me (he works as a mechanic at Honda). Booya!

Sunday spontaneously kicked off with a run around the suburb and another yum cha outing (I am yum cha-ed out yo!) before rushing to meet the boys at the rock climbing venue. Oh my lordy lord… I for one, am not fond of heights. At. All. So this, this was a challenge. So there I was, spidergirl with 3 other spidermen whilst everyone else played spectator to our glorified butts scaling up a faux cliff face wall. Hahahah! I managed to climb the wall twice before calling it a day and fulfilled my role as belayer to newly found bff, Mr. Phi – yeah, I had his back! Now if only he could’ve let me down sooner once I hit the top as my grip was slowly slipping away. Aeishhh.. hahaha. Who said climbing a wall is easy?! I wanted to go all inception on it, if only someone could tilt the wall 90 degrees down and I’d be crawling all over that thing. Ha! Sweaty palms and minor rope burn was the results of the evening, but s’ll good – all in good fun! Good seeing you boys again, it’s been years I tell you!

rock climbing, vertical climbing
Rock climbing

And now we’re on Monday – I’m sore as heck; Lofty, run and rock climbing has taken its toll on my legs, my lower back and neck. Somebody strap me to a bed and get a masseuse pronto!