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She Owns the Night

The week that was:

  • Weekly coffee quota has increased to 3-4 cups a week as opposed to 1 cup a fortnight (haha I’m weak, shhh)
  • Stuffed face with food on Friday (what’s new), pad thai for lunch and chinese banquet for dinner. Food coma FML.
  • Mini photoshoot excursion after dins with KA
  • C is done with her studies – forever!! Yayersss
  • Caught up with C, J plus others for some pizza, a movie, singstar (Oh how much do I suck?) and a photo booth session.. HAHAHAHAH. ❤
  • Lofty on Sunday and managed to overtake 20+ people.. woooo~ time wise, I’ve plateaud on the 55min mark more or less. Oh well. 🙂
  • Ears have been binging on this:

far east movement, fm, free wired, kevnish, prohgress, jspliff, dj virman

  • And even though it was pay week, monies have disappeared on a GHD, food and gifts. Le sigh.
  • Am currently dramaing – Brilliant Legacy. It’s interesting, it’s stupid, it’s painfully slow, it’s intriguing, it’s nerve wracking, it’s lame… and even though it’s pretty sucky, why is it still so good? Damn you kdrama, you are the reason for my panda eyes at work and the frequent nanna naps on the bus to and from work. Damn you.
  • Created this cute lil thing in PS following an online tute:

twitter bird






Up, up and up it goes! I’m talking about the US dollar.. last night it was at .83 and at the moment it’s at .80. HIGHER I DEMAND YOU! So I can finally get my NG shirt that has alluded me for over a year due to insufficient funds, me being a tight ass and the financial crisis — which is now deemed not a financial crisis in Australia! Actually no, the financial crisis aka the “recession” that really didn’t come alight didn’t affect me, at least I don’t think it did, I just like to say it did so I can try to save some moolah while I’m at it — which really, isn’t working in my favour. (Oh look, I’m rambling… I actually do that a lot, forgive me, really.) Heck, I didn’t even receive a stimulus package from Ruddy. FAIL, but back to the shirts – the one design I’m after is SOLD OUT. Dagnabbit! Dilemma, do I settle for less and choose a different design whilst the USD is still high (I’m hoping at .85.. AT LEAST), or bid my time, wait for new designs and pray that the USD is still high come.. a few weeks from now? AIESH, what to doooooo?

Anyone catch Today Tonight last night? I’m not an avid watcher of the show – it’s not the most credential or informative show, however, there are some stories that pique my interest. For instance, how to get flatter abs! Sure, crunches help, lots of exercise and eating right – I already do most of this, if not all, but my belly is still wobbly and a teeny bit flabby. *shudders* HAHAHA! Those frequently late night dinners on the weekends are finally up for show – thankfully it’s winter and I can still hide my bits behind woolen coats, hoodies and bomber jackets! Plastic surgery of any kind are automatically out of the question, I refuse to have them in my vocabulary, but *choirs singing, clouds open up with warm rays of light shining down* HULA HOOPS may be the answer! I haven’t hula hooped since my wee days in primary school, but I will pick it up again once I get my grimy hands on a hoop – off to Target I go, or K Mart? Big W? Flatter abs, here I come.. I hope!

Right, so what’s for lunch? Gelato?



It’s hump day! And you know what that means? Well… No.. Neither do I.. HOWEVER, it does mean that it’s my last Wednesday at my workplace. WOOOOOT~~ Then comes the long weekend and a new workplace, am very much looking forward to it!

I also booked myself (with complimentary tickets of course) plus 3 others to the pure gelato factory for an “appreciation class” where I get to watch them make gelato and take gelato home! SCHWEET! Thanks puregelato!

Nomz finally got her Alice McCall dress (black) in the mail yesterday, in time for Thai’s engagement party — same design as her purchased vest. Problem, it’s SO UNFLATTERING!!! Looked like a sack on her.. BOOO.. the cut of the dress was really… well sloppy really. She was pretty upset cause the engagement party is this weekend and we’re short on time to get her a new outfit.. GAH!! There is a back up dress though, so we’ll see how it goes. And nomz, when you do come around to reading this, CHEER UP my lady, ebay if Alice McCall won’t give you a refund.. hahaha!


Struck it rich

Feeling slightly devious anyone?