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Ape Shit

The crazy ass month that was:

  • Had a full catch up sesh with my lovely C over a Mexican dinner many Mondays ago. ‚̧ Love you! xx
  • Photoshoot at work with me being the model… interesting times… I’ve yet to see the photos! :/ EEEK!
  • Spontaneous outing with Nomi at eggless and a 2 hour sesh at karaoke… oh yeahhhhh~
    eggless, white chocolate and green tea tart eggless, black sesame creme brulee
    White chocolate and green tea tart, black sesame creme brulee
  • Catch up lunch with Jenn down by the quay overlooking the water and seeing a dolphin and jelly fishes at Portobello
  • Went to see Michael Buble… aka MICKEY BUBBLE! AMAZING CONCERT… it was the best concert I’ve ever been to… but that only lasted for a week! HA! ūüôā But the man knows how to put on a show! What a brilliant and amazing entertainer. Oh.. and the supporting act – Naturally 7 were BEYOND amazing as well!

  • Flew out to Melbourne a weekend before my birthday for early celebrations and of course.. to see the one and only FM. ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

    Boarding the first flight out to Melb in the AM.
  • Grabbed an early yum cha bite before our group of 5 split up – one on route to shopping, and the other to just chill and explore Melb
  • Our posse of three roamed Melb CBD, dropped by Crown, hung around in the arcade, found tokens and got ourselves a free water pistol, legged it to DFO and scored myself a dress for one of the upcoming weddings this year (must slim down!), checked into hotel, got ready and headed out to KBBQ – yuumy food and good service UNTIL THEY KEPT OUR CHANGE AS TIP… like we get it, you want tip, we’ll give you a tip but give us our change first you assholes! UGH.
  • Treated ourselves to dessert at passionflower
  • Before making our way to see the FM show… WOOHOOOOO~

FM spam post to follow!




Pic spammage part V:

sculpture by the sea bondi
Sculpture by the Sea booklet

bassim korean bbq strathfield

hurricanes bondi beach

Britney Spears – The Circus Tour:

britney spears circus tour britney spears circus tour
DJ Havana Brown – she was hottttttttt!

britney spears circus tour

britney spears circus tour
The only song she sung live: Everytime



On the verge of sleep walking methinks… -.-

Quick recap of the last week or so! Gah… I’m so behind on photos, makes me sad. =(


  • The Adelaidians headed home.


  • Creative behind the Lens Photography exhibition at the MCA. Roof top mingle with photos on display, canapes and drinks! Oh, how fun it was! =D


  • Dinner at Emma’s on Liberty (Lebanese food) with work colleagues. Food was mediocre, service was friendly, restaurant seating is tight and value for money and food portion sizes? RIDICULOUS! Expensive meal, serving sizes are beyond ridiculous, not happy Jan. >=(
  • Comedic actJo Koy at the enmore theatre! LOVE, absolute LOVE.
  • After the show, scored a photo, an autograph AND a kiss in chronological order! Yayer!


  • Thai touches down in Syd escaping the November heatwave in Adel… ewww!!
  • We trek up north to Warriewood Beach hoping to go paragliding!
  • Weather prevented us from doing so…. T_T
  • Rested at home before heading out to Thai Pothong for dinner (again!).
  • Finding parking was an absolute bitch. BITCH. I hate finding parking in Sydney, it is the utmost worse… grsssssssssss.
  • After half an hour, we FINALLY find a park.
  • Dinner was had.
  • We go drivies to the city in hopes of finding a park to see Passion perform!!!
  • Again, finding parking in Sydney is horrid and we end up going home. No passion for me… le sigh.


  • DFO but scored nothing this time around – a good thing considering all the monies that I’ve spent in the last two weeks. My poor monies.
  • Glebe St fair
  • Bondi – trekked through the Sculpture by the Sea route.. CRAZY walk, got visually educated – pure awesomeness. Needed to be visually stimulated!
  • Attempted to get a table at Hurricanes but a one hour wait was enough to send us elsewhere.
  • Went to Strathfield, got a park (OMFGYES!!!), got a table at Bassim and happily stuffed ourselves with Korean BBQ goodness.
  • Pit stop at Woolies to get some snacks, gots home, made lunch for work, booked flights home (OMGTHEDATEISSET!!), watched a bit of “The Ugly Truth” and proceeded to bed.


  • Dindinz at Wagaya
  • Saw James Mathison at Wagaya and freaked him out by saying “Hello!

That is all. Phew!

Photos to slowly come.



My weekend is just about over… phew! Good food and great company… AND a¬†slice from home. That’s all I need really.

We’ve been eating out every single day for almost an entire week without fail.

Oh my poor pocket… hahaha!

Lets’ kick off with Friday:

  • A spontaneity spark saw us celebrating H’s birthday along with our fellow¬†work colleagues out at Milliore enjoying a hotpot, some lemon soju and¬†raspberry wine… YUM!
  • Dessert at Passionflower followed shortly partnered with an indepth pyscho analysis by the unqualified DS.


  • T aka the Morning Lover touched down in Sydney on Saturday morning.
  • Before chaffeuring her back from the airport, Nomz and I proceeded¬†to the Sass and Bide sale – OMG, BEST SALE EVER. Scored 2 pairs of jeans for¬†$30 each! YAYERS!
  • Picked up the Morning Lover from the airport and headed straight to Adriano Zumbo.
  • Bought LOTS of his special birthday macarons – and boy were some of the¬†flavours out of this world or what! Vegemite sourdough, bacon maple syrup,¬†black truffle, toasted marshmallow, chuppa chup, french toast, and then more of¬†the “acceptable” flavours – golden gaytime, blackcurrant and fig, green tea and¬†pistachio, strawberries and cream, etc.¬†Unfortunately, we all found Adriano Zumbo’s cafe to be way overrated; it was clear that our expectations didn’t match up to the hype surrounding the place.
  • Stopped over at the Adriano Zumbo cafe and ordered an iced coffee, mocktail juice thing and an iced dark chocolate. All were mediocre and definitely not special, coffee too strong, juice too overpowering with ginger and dark choclate – meh.
  • Picked up a Pepito and plain crossaint (almond crossaints all sold out – much to Nomz disappointment), again, quite overrated and nothing special. At least now, we can all tick it off our list, been there done that!
  • Lunch time – back to Milliore… hehhehe!
  • More shopping at DFO – scored myself 2 PA bottoms (huzzah) and a Country Road cardigan.
  • Dropped the Morning Lover at her aunt’s house.
  • Struggled to navigate to a Laos restaurant in Fairfield, had a delicious and light dinner.
  • Arrived home and konked out on the living room floor before lugging oneself into bed.

milliore naeng myeon
Naeng Myeon

adriano zumbo macarons patisserie
Macarons galore!

lao village chicken feet salad


  • Picked up Adelaidian acquaintant now turned hilariously funny friend at the airport.
  • Proceeded to Bondi for some brunch but got side tracked and ventured into the S&B sale in Moore park. (AGAIN!)
  • Picked up another pair of jeans (now conviniently turned into shorts) for $20! Everything was now going for $20! *massive droolage*
  • Finally, back on the road to Bondi for what was supposed to be brunch, now lunch.
  • Lunch at Cafe Max. Food was mediocre and service was shat and confuzzled.
  • More shopping at Bondi Junction.
  • Contemplated whether to eat more or not (lunch wasn’t filling), caved in and got myself a bread roll but then that got taken by third Adelaidian who joined us at Bondi Junction. Le sigh. He ain’t gonna live that one down!!!
  • Home.
  • Dinner at Wagaya, oh nom nom nom~
  • Dessert at San Churro
  • Walkies at the Rocks and taking goofy photos.


  • Dinner at Thai Pothong.
  • Late night karaoke.. “…If you could see that I’m the one who understands you, been here all along, so why can’t you see? You belong with me…


  • Dinner at Mamak.
  • Desserts at Chat Thai.
  • Patbingsoo at Stratty Square Cafe.
  • Encounter cute new kid on the block who performs magic tricks for us – free of charge! LOL.
  • Home.


  • Adelaidians heading home.. booooooo!
  • Oh.. fire alarm at work! // false alarm.. aeish!

OVERALL, smashing time!

Love you guys, can’t wait to hang with youse in a months time!!

Pics to come after I get me some sleeeeeeeeeeep!



The usual and rather repetitive words have been coming out of my¬† mouth for the past 3 days – “I. AM. SO FULL.”… and full I am!

On Friday, there was a company hotpot lunch on Glebe Point Road… and boy, was it good! I ate so much (much to the objection of my stomach) that I had to skip dinner that night. I was THAT full… >.<

Saturday, fortunately proved to be more of an active day where I managed to walk over 11,500 steps–that’s gotta count for the other days where I only get to manage 2,000 more or less. We started off at the digital camera warehouse where I scored myself a brand spankin’ new tripod! *drools* Next stop: Balmain markets which actually turned into a major dud – a handful of stalls set up and nothing to buy. Fortunately, I spotted Adraina Zumbo’s small patteserie! A pit stop was a must! Scored us some macarons – blueberry lavender and mocha flavour – nhom nhom.

$2.00 per macaron

My brand spankin’ new tripod… like!

Seeing that it was still rather early, we tried our luck at the Surry Hills market, which again, resulted in another failed attempt as the markets weren’t on. Last attempt: Newtown markets – third time lucky! The Newtown markets were on, but it was just as bad as the Balmain markets – the only plus side, at least we had the shops down Newtown to peruse through. Nomz managed to pick up a book for Hung and a hot studded bag at Dangerfield.

A group of friends enjoying themselves on the top of shop verandas in Newtown.

It didn’t take long before our stomachs were crying out to be fed and seeing that we were already close to the city, we opted for Korean at Milliore in Capitol Square (cause they make a mean bibimbap). Bibimbap in a hot stone bowl and kim chi soup with tofu ox intestines were ordered… (yes, I like to be adventurous with my food). Two thumbs up as per usual. We grab some desserts at Chat Thai before heading home before the sunsets with the plan to head out at night for a coffee and to use my new tripod but we both grandma-ed the night away once we hit the sofa.

Bibimbap in claypot, $13.00

Kim chi soup with tofu ox intestines, $12.00

Desserts from Chat Thai, $5.00

We ventured out to Cabramatta today, or Vietnam, whichever way you want to put it. Main objective : Bar Luck for some Singaporean chilli mud crab! OH. EM. GEE. This stuff is gold, absolute pure gold. We caned it all, along with the 3 Vietnamese rolls (cruncy and toasty on the outside, soft and fluffy (think clouds or fairy floss) on the inside) and a bucket of rice… The sauce, there’s something about it, it’s thick but runny, full of flavour and just so damn good. They should bottle it up and sell it cause I’ll buy it by the dozen – literally. After literally cleaning our plates, we head downstairs and attempt to tackle the crowd and the festivities that surrounded us, but failed miserably. We quickly got our groceries done and headed home. What’s the plan for tonight? Possibly a super duperly early night without dinner cause I’m still so full.

Singaporean chilli mud crab, market price $48.00