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Captain Awesome

The last month in dot points cause that’s how I roll… or in other words, I’ve gotten lazy and and this will have to do! 😉

  • Watched Tangled starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi aka Chuck aka Charles Carmichael <3. Loved it, perfect voices, cute storyline and gorgeous imagery. Cartoons FTW!
  • tangled

  • Caught up with the lovely girls – C and T at The Brasserie whilst stuffing my face in steak and ice cream. Boo yeah~
  • the brasserie

  • C makes her trip to Melb to feast her heart shaped eyes on her future husband – Ryanimay and his mates – Quest crew. Mwahahha
  • She got me a signed poster of this dude – JV. Lovely voice, great singer! THANKS DARLS.
  • Friday after work eatings and beer and coffee at Belgian Bier Cafe, Amalfis and Cibo. Phew!
  • Workmate got married – attended the lovely church ceremony. Congrats J and C. It was beautiful!
  • $3 sushi train eatings – however our record of 30 plates between 3 people still stands. This session we chowed through 30 plates between 4 people. Fair effort!
  • Caught up with my lovely Chi Ngoc for a stroll through the Gilles St markets, before
  • Heading off to Just Tickled Pink for a girly outing with Krystle
  • just tickled pink, high tea

  • Attended a soccer match with a female to male ratio of 1:12 at the Adelaide Oval between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory with Adel trumping at 2 – 1… I survived, thank gosh. Boys, you sure are boisterous!
  • Had oysters and beer with Krystle then lounged on a deck chair under a big fat tree in the shade at the Garden of Unearthly Delights – such bliss!
  • Got my ass whooped at a fitness session at 7.30am on a Saturday morning by a personal trainer
  • Feasted on a 3 course lunch at The Wine Underground with free flowing champagne – oh yeahhhh~ Fill ‘er up!
  • Chilled with noms at her place and stuffed self with cold rolls just like back in the hey day in Syd
  • Body felt as if train had ran over it the following day and struggled to walk like a normal human being. Limbs are about to fall off!
  • Spent time at the movies with Portman and Kutcher (No Strings Attached) before grabbing a small bite at the Red Door Bakery and filling my belly up with a mushroom pizza, plum danish and a lemon fizz!

And now we’re here… another week of work, and another countdown to the weekend. Such is life and I’m loving it!



Round Round

Lacking in bloggisms, brain has resulted in a puddle of slushy mush and chooses to function sporadically. 🙂

The fortnight that was:

  • 23/11 – Massive binge at Wasai – delectable goodness!
  • wasai, deluxe sashimi sushi boat, aburi salmon roll, takoyaki, gyoza

  • 24/11 – Quiet dins at The Goody with dessert at Cocolat
  • cocolat, top deck hot chocolate, chai latte

  • 26/11 – Watched Back to the Future 1, what a classic.
  • 27/11 – Shankers for dins and Eggless for dessert. onnomnomnom
  • 27/11 – Jenga happenings and playing catch ups with friends at T&S’s house
  • 28/11 – Picked up tix for the BoomBox Tour! Booyeah! Kevjumba, I’m looking at you! Haha
  • 03/12 – Sleep over at P’s house where she made French Onion Soup, bruschetta with a secret ingredient and vanilla pana cotta with berry compote! 🙂
  • bruschetta, pana cotta

  • 03/12 – Slow roasted myself in stifling heat at home. If I was a pig that day, man… my meat would’ve been so tender and juicy! LOL.
  • 04/12 – Picked up tix for FM’s tour with Rihanna down under. OMGHELLSYEAHCANTWAIT! I got ticks just for them, even when I had $5 in my wallet. Excited and obsessed I am. GAH.
  • 05/12 – My GHD came in the mail! CRAP, how did I survive without one for so long? That thing is the bomb heating up in 10 seconds and works a charm! OH mwahahah!
  • 05/12 – Made my first pavlova! And quite a success I must say. Was never a huge fan of this but I’ve come around to appreciate it, even if it’s super super sweet. Everything in moderation peoples! 🙂
  • 05/12 – Watched Back to the Future 2 – doesn’t live up to the first… am contemplating whether to finish it off with number 3, set in the wild wild west if my memory serves me correct.
  • 08/12 – Casual eat out at PJ O’Briens with Miss K before she heads off to Europe (AGAIN!!). Am looking forward to the day she gets back, so hurry up and scoot scoot! Lol. Bring me back lots of pretty old funky gear yeah?! 😉
  • Looks like it might be a quiet weekend for me, save some monies and some good news may come to light come next week! Fingers crossed yo! 🙂

And on a side note, Quest Crew, please lock down a promoter in Adelaide will ya? 😀 Oh, bring DTrix with you too!!
random art



Wasn’t it the best week of MC ever?! What made it EVEN sweeter was that Adam took home the title! OMGHELLSYEAH. So there we have it folks, two years running and an Asian Australian has made it to the finals (It was SO Poh’s title last year – yes it was)! That snow bomb looked amazing, especially the ‘crack’ made just before digging into it. Someone, take me to Quay will you? Please? 🙂

Finally went to the movies – only second visit this year; (I am no movie person so don’t freak out if I haven’t seen a lot of movies… I’ve warned you!!) and feasted my 3d eyed up glasses on Toy Story 3. Oh what bliss… awesome movie, and you’ve gotta love Spanish Buzz and one time Mr. Tortilla turned Cucumber head! LOVE! Gotta make another visit to watch Inception too cause I’m dying to see Leo, so… any takers?!

Speaking of movies, I need to do a Disney movie marathon too. Throw in some Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi (should I stop before you start throwing eggs at me? Yes, I think I should >.<)… like I said, I haven't seen many movies! 😛 Someone educate me? What movies should I have seen already? Cause for starters, just to let you gauge on my limited movie viewing history, I've not seen the Godfather, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, The Dark Knight, Pretty Woman (in its entirety)… I could go on and on and on… really.


Catch up lunch date with miss a.

Can’t say I dig Mexican food too much, someone show me otherwise! Is it more than tacos, nachos, enchiladas, chilli con carne and coronas?! ISSIT? 🙂

BTW, I will be doing the City to Bay run this year (12km run)! Donations appreciated, will post up details shortly!



Happy Mon- Tuesday everyone! Who doesn’t love a long weekend! =D

Friday was spent lurking around the city and china town in search of some fooddddd. Sometimes with so many people, so little time and so many choices… a quick bite at a food court is satisfactory. Bibimbap was had which was my first bowl since returning back from Sydney! :)~

Saturday was Mt Lofty as will all Saturdays from hereon in will be if weather permits. Hiked that mountain in under one hour! 59 minutes to be exact… oh booyah! The rest of the day was spent with Nomi at her place and a quick stint in the city to exercise our wallets. Scored myself a pair of high waisted skinny black pants at Bardot for $40 down from $80! Score for me, not thy wallet. 😛 Clocked the night off with ‘Get Smart’ which was … meh.

mt lofty summit

Mt. Lofty track - 400m to the summit

Sunday proved to be more low key with two more movies – ‘The Princess and the Frog’ (good) and ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ (enjoyable). However C and I managed to squeeze in another visit to Mt. Lofty! This time I bet my PB and got up in 55 minutes, sweating like a hippo and all, but who cares! 🙂 Dinner was spent at Nomi’s with a binge fest on Personal Taste. Lee Min Ho is full of awesome I tell you! Im Seulong on the other hand… *major cringe*

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

Yesterday was spent with the Nghi-miester were adventures were had at Ikea and Harbour Town – Adelaide’s outdoor answer to Sydneys DFO. Surprisingly, we both got more excited with decorative objects, photo frames, prints, candles, furnishings and home/ kitchen utensils than we did at Harbour Town. LOL. Scored myself a green apple candle (YUM!) and a mini pot. So random.. haha!


Random junk on my shelf, including my apple scent candle and pot plant. I really need to invest in some photo frames and pack away my snoopies... lol

And then we come to today… which happens to be Tuesday, which means that Friday is one day closer than it was yesterday!



Blog post long over due.. LONGGGGG over due.

So as aforementioned honkie friend in previous post has gone back to hong kong and nothing much new has happened since then.

Oh, a few of the girls and I have taken the liberty to wake up early on Saturday mornings (*dies*) and tackle the great heights of Mt. Lofty to burn off as many calories as we can. Ha! Unfortunately, after reaching the summit and coming back down to the base, we always found ourselves at Bread Top commending and rewarding ourselves for our efforts. =P But, did you know that that’s the best time to eat junk food? Consuming junk straight after a work out while ones body is still burning fat… but even so, if I didn’t stuff myself with Bread Top, it’d burn the fat in my body that’s already there, and not the new junk I’m adding into my system! =( I know this, but will ignore it happily once I set foot into the gates of Bread Top.

Mt. Lofty summit

View from the Mt. Lofty summit

Ohhh yeahhhh, us Adelaidians survived an earthquake on Friday night! Hahaha, quite surreal really. The first thing that ran through my mind as my room was swaying left to right: “I’m sure I’m not drunk tonight”… *pause* … more swaying ensues… “EARTHQUAKE!!!” And then updates on twitter and fb follows… just shows what I did on Friday night and how exciting my week was! =P

And I also managed to catch up on a handful of movies/ dramas/ shows:
•  Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang – meh
•  The Blind Side – win! But Sandra, please stay away from peroxide!
•  Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind – brain fart in progress.. watching this movie with a massive migraine was of no help! =(
•  Up – rewatched this with Nghi cause she hasn’t seen it… gahhh, how awesome is Russell?! Hhaha
•  500 Days of Summer – cute
•  Music and Lyrics – WTF… waste of time
•  PS I Love You – was ok, not a fan of Hilary Swank
•  Gossip Girl – Chuck… and the clothes… ahhhhh
•  ABDC Season 5 – was ok, am looking forward to watching the ABDC Championship stage with winners from all 5 seasons. Go Jabbawockeez and Quest Crew!
•  and have started on Personal Taste featuring the ever so suave and charming Lee Min Ho. Brb, swooning in progress. Ahhhh~ =) Not too fond of how thick and ditzy and dumb Son Ye Jin’s character is. Why must they make the female leads so… airy fairy dimwits. Sure, they get better through the series, but at least give them some balls at the beginning too!

Russell... live and in the flesh!

Russell... live and in the flesh!

On the shopping from, bought myself a Mimco bag and a Pixar dvd box set and spent oodles of monies on food. Gah… hanging for the next pay cheque now!

Mimco Natural day bag

Mimco Natural day bag

Pixar DVD box set

Pixar DVD box set

And is anyone going to see John Mayer?!?! =( Shame he isn’t visiting Adelaide… SHAME I SAY. Le sigh.

Upcoming long weekend!! BOOYA! What to do, where to go, who to see, what to eat, what to watch? Hrmsssss…