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Reese’s Pieces

  • 27/3 Watched Adjustment Bureau then stuffed self with sushi at sushi train
  • 02/4 Prettied up with false eyelashes that lasted less than 24 hours and broke maccas drought with a big mac. >.<
  • 03/4 Fed tori mayo cravings in Chinatown with the girls
  • 07/4 Bowling with the work crew, scored a strike on the first go and then went downhill from there. Heh.
  • 08/4 Cafe Passatempo then piano hunt in the city

  • 09/4 Had some me time and got self a bibimbap and baklava. Delish! Harbour town shopping spree with the ma, scored a killer biker leather jacket, red cardi, black cropped sequin bolero and pearl studs
  • 10/4 Brunch turned into lunch at Jones the Grocer
  • 15/4 Bruno Mars – Hooligans and Doowops ! Woooo!
  • 16/4 Dance workshop with Shaun Evaristo then OD’d on $3 sushi

  • 22/4 Good Friday – desserts at Patisserie Jin
  • 23/4 Desserts at The Aviary
    green tea latte
    honey and minted melon panna cotta
    green tea ice cream, black sesame ice cream, rice cakes, strawberries, lychee
  • 24/4 Secret Garden and cooking dbk for dinner
  • 25/4 Wedding



2 is better than 1

The doors opened at 8PM and we got there at about 740PM thinking we were late… lo and behold, there was no line up there, so guess who got first dibs in the line?! OH BOO YEAH~

I’m the very first one in the door and run up the stairs towards the stage room. Me, being the super hyperactive and excited one, didn’t see a step in front of me and just about STACKED it… thank god no one was there to see me… phew! 😛 Well hey, at least I got to be at the front of the stage! 🙂

First DJ of the night

Got my cap ready for the night ahead

Next up, MC and DJ bringing the house down… quite literally:

That got the crowd pumping… and when the FM boys came out… the roof went. OFF. ❤






Front of the stage, best view, physical contact, drank from their bottles, jsplif dancing with my hat on, getting sprayed with water and champagne, singing with their mics, prohgress crowd surfing, getting 2/4 autographs… OH MAN. BEST NIGHT EVER EVER EVER. I was on a total HIGH. WOOOOO~ Shame we couldn’t stick it out for their after party! BOO. 😛


We head back to our hotel but before crashing out, we all scoff down some much needed ramen and junk food in the AM. ❤ ONE FUCKING EPIC NIGHT. WOOOOO~ BEST CONCERT EVER AND I’M CERTAIN NOTHING CAN TOP THAT. ❤ ❤ ❤

She Owns the Night

The week that was:

  • Weekly coffee quota has increased to 3-4 cups a week as opposed to 1 cup a fortnight (haha I’m weak, shhh)
  • Stuffed face with food on Friday (what’s new), pad thai for lunch and chinese banquet for dinner. Food coma FML.
  • Mini photoshoot excursion after dins with KA
  • C is done with her studies – forever!! Yayersss
  • Caught up with C, J plus others for some pizza, a movie, singstar (Oh how much do I suck?) and a photo booth session.. HAHAHAHAH. ❤
  • Lofty on Sunday and managed to overtake 20+ people.. woooo~ time wise, I’ve plateaud on the 55min mark more or less. Oh well. 🙂
  • Ears have been binging on this:

far east movement, fm, free wired, kevnish, prohgress, jspliff, dj virman

  • And even though it was pay week, monies have disappeared on a GHD, food and gifts. Le sigh.
  • Am currently dramaing – Brilliant Legacy. It’s interesting, it’s stupid, it’s painfully slow, it’s intriguing, it’s nerve wracking, it’s lame… and even though it’s pretty sucky, why is it still so good? Damn you kdrama, you are the reason for my panda eyes at work and the frequent nanna naps on the bus to and from work. Damn you.
  • Created this cute lil thing in PS following an online tute:

twitter bird



The weekend that was:

Friday night dinner at the Pink Pig Wine Bar – funsies with girls, but the food was meh.
Dessert at Gelatissimo – yum yum for my tum tum!
Saturday morning hike to Lofty
Lunch at Cafe Air
Sunday visit to the temple
A quick hello at the animal welfare league – cutiesssss
Lunch at The Store on Melbourne Street – fantastic food!
and a mini shopping spree at Harbour Town.

Things accumulated thus far:
shopping spree
Black skinny Lees RRP $200, scored these for $40, black loose blazer $20, portmans summer skirt $30, pearl studs $2 and benefit stash.

benefit stash
Benefit stash: dandelion blush (the colour is so natural and pretty), depuffing eye gel and pore minimiser – works a charm!!

Thank gosh its pay week!!

Far East Movement’s Rocketeer:


iPhone piano

Thought this was pretty coooool!

Edit: March 10th… It would have been smart of me to actually paste the video in… I realise this three days later… THREE! MASSIVE FAIL! =(