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If I Was You

  • Gah! Still lagging from previous posts. >.<
  • Sun 13/03 – quiet day in then brief outing with the pops to the cas
  • Mon 14/03 – hooray for public holiday! Mum gets back from her Melb trip ❀
  • Fri 18/03 – dins and wine with K at Rigoni’s, then legged it to chinatown for some crepes and coffee, good times, good times
  • Sat 19/03 – everyone bailed out on lunch so N and I feasted on yum cha
  • Thu 24/03 – training sesh where I had to run 2.4km non stop – which is quite a feat for me! Yayers~
  • Fri 25/03 – chinatown food court feast with mum and central market browsing ❀
  • Sat 26/03 – scored myself a pair of new blingy studs from oroton, watched Gnomeo and Juliet (meh) and caught up with some girlfriends for dins and a brief stint at ‘the city’
  • Wooo~ some of my birthday stash:
    polaroid 300
  • FM collage frame and a very special water bottle cap (not pictured, hahaha!):
  • FM signed album!! Woooo, I’m missing DJ Virman’s tag though 😦
  • Peter Alexander stash! 1x PJ set and a hot water bottle ❀
  • Wooden word motifs- ‘dream’, ‘create’ and ‘inspire’ ❀ ❀




Do What I Want

Continuing from previous postings:

  • We head back to the hotel albeit getting dodgy crap cab drivers at 2 in the am
  • A pair of us make our way downstairs to Pie Face and 7 Eleven to grab a late night feed: mini pies and ramen at 3 in the am for the win! =)~
  • With very little sleep, half of us have brekky at a nearby cafe whilst the others pack up and check out

    Latte, ciabatta with basil pesto, ricotta, tomato, rocket and balsamic vinegar; tuna salad
  • We all then head to the State Library, hire out lockers and dump our shit in. Heh
  • Lots of walking, lots of shopping and lots of snacking

    Green tea frappe ❀
  • Last eating for the day in melb: tomodatchi:
  • Hung out at the State Library to kill some time before catching a cab and heading out to the airport
  • Bye Melbourne… we’ll meet again some day! πŸ™‚
  • Arrive home at 11pm, shower and bed time for work the next morn
  • Struggled at work but made it through (Tuesday)
  • Bumped into Frankmusik and DPD on Rundle Street (Wednesday) and ended up having drinks with them. Such chill fellas.
  • Thursday marked my birthday… and to kick off an epic day, I bump into these lovely fellas whilst going to grab lunch! MUCH LOVE FOR THE FM BOYS ❀
  • Birthday cake! Coffee and Baileys – YUM-FREAKING-O~
  • Knocked off work early, raced home and picked up bestie before racing it to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to watch the FM boys perform and open up for Rihanna at her concert – WOOOO~
  • Managed to get my FM album signed for my birthday – THANKS PETE! You’re the greatest!! xx
  • And that my friends… was the best birthday ever… woooo~
  • Friday – super early start – ended up heading out to Maccas early in the morn and had a quick fan girlish sesh with Cat and friend in toe – WE. WERE. CRAZY. PPLS so early on a Friday morning. T_T
  • Barely made it through the day at work with workmates questioning my nights shenanigans – no I am not hung over… just super super tired from a crazy ass week!
  • Saturday – early morning training sesh, dinner with the girls at Jah’z Lounge (meh), stupid cockroach incident, and 3 hour karaoke sesh at Bacchu’s – good times girls. GOOD FREAKING TIMES – feeling so fly like a G6~
  • FANTASTIC birthday week/weekends – thanks to all that celebrated with me.. truly unforgettable! πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU ALL ❀


Round Round

Lacking in bloggisms, brain has resulted in a puddle of slushy mush and chooses to function sporadically. πŸ™‚

The fortnight that was:

  • 23/11 – Massive binge at Wasai – delectable goodness!
  • wasai, deluxe sashimi sushi boat, aburi salmon roll, takoyaki, gyoza

  • 24/11 – Quiet dins at The Goody with dessert at Cocolat
  • cocolat, top deck hot chocolate, chai latte

  • 26/11 – Watched Back to the Future 1, what a classic.
  • 27/11 – Shankers for dins and Eggless for dessert. onnomnomnom
  • 27/11 – Jenga happenings and playing catch ups with friends at T&S’s house
  • 28/11 – Picked up tix for the BoomBox Tour! Booyeah! Kevjumba, I’m looking at you! Haha
  • 03/12 – Sleep over at P’s house where she made French Onion Soup, bruschetta with a secret ingredient and vanilla pana cotta with berry compote! πŸ™‚
  • bruschetta, pana cotta

  • 03/12 – Slow roasted myself in stifling heat at home. If I was a pig that day, man… my meat would’ve been so tender and juicy! LOL.
  • 04/12 – Picked up tix for FM’s tour with Rihanna down under. OMGHELLSYEAHCANTWAIT! I got ticks just for them, even when I had $5 in my wallet. Excited and obsessed I am. GAH.
  • 05/12 – My GHD came in the mail! CRAP, how did I survive without one for so long? That thing is the bomb heating up in 10 seconds and works a charm! OH mwahahah!
  • 05/12 – Made my first pavlova! And quite a success I must say. Was never a huge fan of this but I’ve come around to appreciate it, even if it’s super super sweet. Everything in moderation peoples! πŸ™‚
  • 05/12 – Watched Back to the Future 2 – doesn’t live up to the first… am contemplating whether to finish it off with number 3, set in the wild wild west if my memory serves me correct.
  • 08/12 – Casual eat out at PJ O’Briens with Miss K before she heads off to Europe (AGAIN!!). Am looking forward to the day she gets back, so hurry up and scoot scoot! Lol. Bring me back lots of pretty old funky gear yeah?! πŸ˜‰
  • Looks like it might be a quiet weekend for me, save some monies and some good news may come to light come next week! Fingers crossed yo! πŸ™‚

And on a side note, Quest Crew, please lock down a promoter in Adelaide will ya? πŸ˜€ Oh, bring DTrix with you too!!
random art


She Owns the Night

The week that was:

  • Weekly coffee quota has increased to 3-4 cups a week as opposed to 1 cup a fortnight (haha I’m weak, shhh)
  • Stuffed face with food on Friday (what’s new), pad thai for lunch and chinese banquet for dinner. Food coma FML.
  • Mini photoshoot excursion after dins with KA
  • C is done with her studies – forever!! Yayersss
  • Caught up with C, J plus others for some pizza, a movie, singstar (Oh how much do I suck?) and a photo booth session.. HAHAHAHAH. ❀
  • Lofty on Sunday and managed to overtake 20+ people.. woooo~ time wise, I’ve plateaud on the 55min mark more or less. Oh well. πŸ™‚
  • Ears have been binging on this:

far east movement, fm, free wired, kevnish, prohgress, jspliff, dj virman

  • And even though it was pay week, monies have disappeared on a GHD, food and gifts. Le sigh.
  • Am currently dramaing – Brilliant Legacy. It’s interesting, it’s stupid, it’s painfully slow, it’s intriguing, it’s nerve wracking, it’s lame… and even though it’s pretty sucky, why is it still so good? Damn you kdrama, you are the reason for my panda eyes at work and the frequent nanna naps on the bus to and from work. Damn you.
  • Created this cute lil thing in PS following an online tute:

twitter bird



The weekend that was:

Friday night dinner at the Pink Pig Wine Bar – funsies with girls, but the food was meh.
Dessert at Gelatissimo – yum yum for my tum tum!
Saturday morning hike to Lofty
Lunch at Cafe Air
Sunday visit to the temple
A quick hello at the animal welfare league – cutiesssss
Lunch at The Store on Melbourne Street – fantastic food!
and a mini shopping spree at Harbour Town.

Things accumulated thus far:
shopping spree
Black skinny Lees RRP $200, scored these for $40, black loose blazer $20, portmans summer skirt $30, pearl studs $2 and benefit stash.

benefit stash
Benefit stash: dandelion blush (the colour is so natural and pretty), depuffing eye gel and pore minimiser – works a charm!!

Thank gosh its pay week!!

Far East Movement’s Rocketeer: