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Captain Awesome

The last month in dot points cause that’s how I roll… or in other words, I’ve gotten lazy and and this will have to do! πŸ˜‰

  • Watched Tangled starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi aka Chuck aka Charles Carmichael <3. Loved it, perfect voices, cute storyline and gorgeous imagery. Cartoons FTW!
  • tangled

  • Caught up with the lovely girls – C and T at The Brasserie whilst stuffing my face in steak and ice cream. Boo yeah~
  • the brasserie

  • C makes her trip to Melb to feast her heart shaped eyes on her future husband – Ryanimay and his mates – Quest crew. Mwahahha
  • She got me a signed poster of this dude – JV. Lovely voice, great singer! THANKS DARLS.
  • Friday after work eatings and beer and coffee at Belgian Bier Cafe, Amalfis and Cibo. Phew!
  • Workmate got married – attended the lovely church ceremony. Congrats J and C. It was beautiful!
  • $3 sushi train eatings – however our record of 30 plates between 3 people still stands. This session we chowed through 30 plates between 4 people. Fair effort!
  • Caught up with my lovely Chi Ngoc for a stroll through the Gilles St markets, before
  • Heading off to Just Tickled Pink for a girly outing with Krystle
  • just tickled pink, high tea

  • Attended a soccer match with a female to male ratio of 1:12 at the Adelaide Oval between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory with Adel trumping at 2 – 1… I survived, thank gosh. Boys, you sure are boisterous!
  • Had oysters and beer with Krystle then lounged on a deck chair under a big fat tree in the shade at the Garden of Unearthly Delights – such bliss!
  • Got my ass whooped at a fitness session at 7.30am on a Saturday morning by a personal trainer
  • Feasted on a 3 course lunch at The Wine Underground with free flowing champagne – oh yeahhhh~ Fill ‘er up!
  • Chilled with noms at her place and stuffed self with cold rolls just like back in the hey day in Syd
  • Body felt as if train had ran over it the following day and struggled to walk like a normal human being. Limbs are about to fall off!
  • Spent time at the movies with Portman and Kutcher (No Strings Attached) before grabbing a small bite at the Red Door Bakery and filling my belly up with a mushroom pizza, plum danish and a lemon fizz!

And now we’re here… another week of work, and another countdown to the weekend. Such is life and I’m loving it!



Through the tunnel

0118: Full tennis day! 11am-11pm. Yes, I’m hardcore like that! Had tickets for that night’s match at RLA but didn’t wanna go see Hewitt battle it out against Nalbandian so managed to sell those ticks off at the gate that morning (at cost price yo – I just wanted them gone!). In turn, scored ground passes at $29 a pop, massive stalkage in progress ie. Stosur, Kirilenko, Roddick, Gasquet, Henin, Clijsters, Djokovic and……. FEDERER. THAT’S RIGHT. FEDERER BABY! There was a MASSIVE crowd of people watching him practice on court, as I tried to squeeze my way through the front. I’m about 3-4 people away from the front of the fence, and little by little, everyone started to move out… schwing~ I made sure I got my foot in to claim their spot! And whatdoyaknow?! Maybe 30 minutes of paparazzi snapping of McFed, I got through to the front of the fence! After Federers practice session, he. came. directly. AT. ME. ….. ME!!!!! He came up to me (out of everyone else – mwahahaha) and took MY sharpie (that I specifically bought for the AO) and signed my giant tennis ball and used it to sign everyone elses things! HE CAME TO ME FIRST… AND USED MY SHARPIE. HEH! Fangirling in progress… holy crap balls. I made damn well sure that I got that sharpie back! “Security! SECURITY! SECURITY! That’s my sharpie, can I get that back when he’s done!! I WANT THAT PEN!” Security guards pretended to throw my sharpie away – HEH – but gave it back. Mwahaha, so now I have Fed’s autograph on my jumbo tennis ball AND a sharpie with all his germs all over it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Fed, you are amazing, a legend… GOAT. &lt;3 &lt;3

australian open, ausopen, tennis, andy roddick

australian open, ausopen, tennis, roger federer

australian open, ausopen, tennis, roger federer

australian open, ausopen, tennis

0119: Home time… NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😦 woke up early, loitered the city, grabbed myself a cuppa (tea), a light breakfast at pie face (yum!) before heading back to the hotel to check out. Friend and I did some more loitering before having another bite (for me) at Passionflower. My passionflower cravings have been satisfied (although, I much prefer the passionflower in Syd). Mmmmm… black sesame ice cream!! &lt;3 My cousin later picked us up at the hotel, we went to grab another bite at Brunelli (haha piggy me) before getting dropped off at the airport. Le sigh. Security deflated my jumbo ball.. BOOO. Bid my farewells and back home I went to crazy ass 36 degree weather. Melted. 😦

View from roof top of hotel



Eyes Never Lie

Howdy readers!!

It’s been a while since my last bloggism but hey! I’ve got lots to say and lots (and I mean LOTS) of piccies to share! Oh snap yeah.

0108: we had a farewell for A as he’s moving to Perth for his career… the night kicked off at the Hotel Richmond where we scored a few too many match boxes… haahha! We then moved over to Lyrics for some Karaoke and drinks… the messy night ended with the crew ordering AB (a combo of hot chips, lamb, sauce, green mango, onion? – Tastes KILLER! :)~~ But none for me as I’m trying to eat right… heh!) and heading out to a secluded park in the city in the middle of the night to devour the goodness of it all!

Fast forward to:

0114: and I have new internets!! It’s worth a mention cause it’s SO. FREAKING. FAST. Files that used to take me DAYS on end to finish off downloading, now only takes a mere 20minutes! And youtube… oh youtube, I no longer have to wait for you to buffer before I can watch a clip. It just happens straight away! Amazement… I have been missing out!! πŸ™‚

0116: MASSIVE.. MASSIVE WEEKEND. I haven’t had a weekend like this since my days in Syd!! Early wake up call and headed to the airport to catch my flight to Melbourne for a weekend of Tennis. Oh yeah~ Had some food, did some window shopping and then headed to RLA for the Rally for Relief charity match! LOVED. IT! LOVE FEDERER, RAFA. LOVE LOVE LOVE. ❀ I got a tshirt tan on my chest after waiting in the sun after the match ended… oh the memories. LOL. Had sichuan hotpot with a whole bunch of peoples mainly Adelaidian bred, a few Melbournians and a Sydney sider (Sydney represent!) followed by many drinks and a helluva good time at ‘Cookies’ – a (gay?) bar. I, for one, felt like a grandma so bedtime rolled around at 12 along with P and V. Everyone else? Partied hard! HARD. πŸ˜‰

rally for relief, rod laver arena

rally for relief

roger federer, rafael nadal

0117: AO commencessssssssss!!! A late start for us, but we head to the AO around 3ish loitering around, checking out the courts, checking out the players and spending way too much on mediocre food. Heh. Had tickets to the RLA match that night, sat through Groth’s match with Wickmayer pummeling her ass along with Djokovic advancing to round 2 with an easy win against: . We littered out of the venue, went back to our hotel rooms, freshened up and proceeded another night out at the cas – Hello Crown!

australian open, tennis, jo-wilfried tsonga

australian open, tennis. novak djokovic, rod laver arena




I AM SO SOREEEEEEEEEE.. Another weekend of soreness!

Kicked off the weekend early this week and headed into the city after work hoping to catch a glimpse of Callum Hann from Master Chef 2010 and to purchase some of his macarons. (MacarOns with one ‘o’ people, one ‘o’. Get it right Master Chef peoples >=( heheh ). Friend and I got to the markets early and waited around for a bit whilst a small crowd was forming at the Providore Central Market. Whilst looking at the sugary delights being displayed on the Providore counter, a tall fellow came up besides us and strutted up a conversation, turns out it was Callum! Although we were a bit star struck, we got over it quickly and chatted for a good few minutes before taking a photo with him and scoring ourselves a box of macarons each.

callum, master chef, macarons
Callums macarons – beetroot, chocolate, pistachio and peanut butter.

I’ll be honest, they weren’t very pretty dome shaped macarons, BUT they had feet, crispy shells and gooey chewy centres – just what a macaron should be. And they’re hard as hell to make too! Favourite flavour of the lot? Peanut Butter hands down! Even mum agrees πŸ™‚ The other flavours were ok, I found the chocolate ganache too hard and the beetroot and pistachio flavours weren’t strong enough for my taste buds. But then again, this is coming from someone who likes their chillies super hot and tea super bitter (testing ones tastebuds to the ultimate! However, spicy hot food challenges are not on the agenda).

Default hike to Lofty fighting through numbness of the leg and treated oneself to yum cha for a job well done. Hahaha! Then celebrated friends 25th birthday over the span of the weekend. First event: bboy underground battle at Medal Jam… and boy oh boy, there were so many sausages there! HAHAHAH. Girls, if you’re up for a perve fest, this is the place to be. No joke! HAHAHAHA. Jen and I have sussed them all out, Hehehe!

bboy battle, medal jam, tofu
Bboy battle at Medal Jam.

Ended the night off at some dudes house for drinks and a bit of mingle where I saw myself being interrogated by stick man – leave me alone dude.. hhahah I kid I kid. Stick man is a long time friend who weighs a mere 60kg but eats like a tank (it’s not fair! ), shares the same birthday with me and will be my knight in shining armour if my Honda ever konks out on me (he works as a mechanic at Honda). Booya!

Sunday spontaneously kicked off with a run around the suburb and another yum cha outing (I am yum cha-ed out yo!) before rushing to meet the boys at the rock climbing venue. Oh my lordy lord… I for one, am not fond of heights. At. All. So this, this was a challenge. So there I was, spidergirl with 3 other spidermen whilst everyone else played spectator to our glorified butts scaling up a faux cliff face wall. Hahahah! I managed to climb the wall twice before calling it a day and fulfilled my role as belayer to newly found bff, Mr. Phi – yeah, I had his back! Now if only he could’ve let me down sooner once I hit the top as my grip was slowly slipping away. Aeishhh.. hahaha. Who said climbing a wall is easy?! I wanted to go all inception on it, if only someone could tilt the wall 90 degrees down and I’d be crawling all over that thing. Ha! Sweaty palms and minor rope burn was the results of the evening, but s’ll good – all in good fun! Good seeing you boys again, it’s been years I tell you!

rock climbing, vertical climbing
Rock climbing

And now we’re on Monday – I’m sore as heck; Lofty, run and rock climbing has taken its toll on my legs, my lower back and neck. Somebody strap me to a bed and get a masseuse pronto!


City to Bay fun run 2010

Oh what a weekend!!

Yes, like the title suggests, I did the City to Bay fun run this year. All 12kms of it! And our team – bubbytrons managed to reach our target of $2000 for the Animal Welfare League! Well done everyone! WOOHOOOO.

I’ve got to say though… I am in a world of pain! Oh so sore, my feet, my back, my legs… hahah I can’t move! But it was all worth it, can’t wait to go again next year, hopefully I’ll be more prepared then (without my bag and dslr!!). πŸ˜›

city to bay fun run 2010
City to Bay fun run pre race

city to bay fun run 2010
City to Bay fun run – countdown signs. Oh what bliss it was to see the last sign with 1km to go!

I started the run off within the first pack of runners and within 5 minutes, was overtaken by EVERYONE. HAHAHA… all I could hear were pitter patters of feet behind me and before I knew it… there I was with J, just walking and plodding along. Heheheh ! I’m so proud of J and I for making it to the finish line, and would like to thank Viet and Thai for getting us some much needed carbs and sugar that I literally devoured within 2 minutes. Oh so satisfying! πŸ™‚

Went for my weekly hike on Saturday with 8 new newbies, WELL DONE GUYS! :

mt lofty hike

Maybe not the smartest thing to do cause I paid the price on Sunday during the fun run! >.<

And if you were wondering what’s harder? Lofty or C2B? Lofty, hands down is much tougher and rather painful!

Time for some much needed rest and sleep! Somebody call me a masseuse ! πŸ˜›