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No Love

Oh man, no love for this blog as of late! Tis’ been a very busy few months, will try to post up photos of ‘key moments’ from the last 5 months or so. 😛



Vote today!

I’m a little late with this, but it’s only going to take YOU 10 seconds. Yes, just 10 seconds!

A number of Asian celebrities collaborated together for a Public Service Announcement to help the Centre for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) win a possible one million dollars through an online competition for charities. Through voting via facebook here, the winning charity with the most votes will one million dollars with the next five winning $100,000 each. It’ll only take you 10 seconds, so please vote today.

International CPAF PSA:

Some faces you might recognise: Sandra Oh (Greys Anatomy), David Choi, Leonardo Nam (fellow Aussie in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift), Vanness Wu, John Cho (Flash Forward), Brian (Fly to the Sky), and many more.

YouTube all stars CPAF PSA:


Merry Christmas

Hi readers!

Merry Christmas! Hope ya’ll have a great and festive time with your family and friends.

Also, good news! Nomz and I have scored ourselves a job and will be starting working once the new year arrives! Booyashaka!

Happy holidays!



More pics from last week:

Panoramic shot from the Pylon

Pics from the wedding, congrats to H and M !
wedding sydney

wedding sydney

wedding sydney

wedding sydney



Gone are the days of red and blue cellophane 3d glasses, we now have holographic looking, somewhat slightly tinted 3d specs!


Saturday’s dinner – eggplant and pork rice dish at Kura. Was pretty tasty but nothing worth raving about.

Massive serving of coffee and vanilla gelato with coffee liqueur. Meh… straight to the thighs!

It’s only Tuesday… 3 more days to go… !