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Do What I Want

Continuing from previous postings:

  • We head back to the hotel albeit getting dodgy crap cab drivers at 2 in the am
  • A pair of us make our way downstairs to Pie Face and 7 Eleven to grab a late night feed: mini pies and ramen at 3 in the am for the win! =)~
  • With very little sleep, half of us have brekky at a nearby cafe whilst the others pack up and check out

    Latte, ciabatta with basil pesto, ricotta, tomato, rocket and balsamic vinegar; tuna salad
  • We all then head to the State Library, hire out lockers and dump our shit in. Heh
  • Lots of walking, lots of shopping and lots of snacking

    Green tea frappe ❀
  • Last eating for the day in melb: tomodatchi:
  • Hung out at the State Library to kill some time before catching a cab and heading out to the airport
  • Bye Melbourne… we’ll meet again some day! πŸ™‚
  • Arrive home at 11pm, shower and bed time for work the next morn
  • Struggled at work but made it through (Tuesday)
  • Bumped into Frankmusik and DPD on Rundle Street (Wednesday) and ended up having drinks with them. Such chill fellas.
  • Thursday marked my birthday… and to kick off an epic day, I bump into these lovely fellas whilst going to grab lunch! MUCH LOVE FOR THE FM BOYS ❀
  • Birthday cake! Coffee and Baileys – YUM-FREAKING-O~
  • Knocked off work early, raced home and picked up bestie before racing it to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to watch the FM boys perform and open up for Rihanna at her concert – WOOOO~
  • Managed to get my FM album signed for my birthday – THANKS PETE! You’re the greatest!! xx
  • And that my friends… was the best birthday ever… woooo~
  • Friday – super early start – ended up heading out to Maccas early in the morn and had a quick fan girlish sesh with Cat and friend in toe – WE. WERE. CRAZY. PPLS so early on a Friday morning. T_T
  • Barely made it through the day at work with workmates questioning my nights shenanigans – no I am not hung over… just super super tired from a crazy ass week!
  • Saturday – early morning training sesh, dinner with the girls at Jah’z Lounge (meh), stupid cockroach incident, and 3 hour karaoke sesh at Bacchu’s – good times girls. GOOD FREAKING TIMES – feeling so fly like a G6~
  • FANTASTIC birthday week/weekends – thanks to all that celebrated with me.. truly unforgettable! πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU ALL ❀



2 is better than 1

The doors opened at 8PM and we got there at about 740PM thinking we were late… lo and behold, there was no line up there, so guess who got first dibs in the line?! OH BOO YEAH~

I’m the very first one in the door and run up the stairs towards the stage room. Me, being the super hyperactive and excited one, didn’t see a step in front of me and just about STACKED it… thank god no one was there to see me… phew! πŸ˜› Well hey, at least I got to be at the front of the stage! πŸ™‚

First DJ of the night

Got my cap ready for the night ahead

Next up, MC and DJ bringing the house down… quite literally:

That got the crowd pumping… and when the FM boys came out… the roof went. OFF. ❀






Front of the stage, best view, physical contact, drank from their bottles, jsplif dancing with my hat on, getting sprayed with water and champagne, singing with their mics, prohgress crowd surfing, getting 2/4 autographs… OH MAN. BEST NIGHT EVER EVER EVER. I was on a total HIGH. WOOOOO~ Shame we couldn’t stick it out for their after party! BOO. πŸ˜›


We head back to our hotel but before crashing out, we all scoff down some much needed ramen and junk food in the AM. ❀ ONE FUCKING EPIC NIGHT. WOOOOO~ BEST CONCERT EVER AND I’M CERTAIN NOTHING CAN TOP THAT. ❀ ❀ ❀

Ape Shit

The crazy ass month that was:

  • Had a full catch up sesh with my lovely C over a Mexican dinner many Mondays ago. ❀ Love you! xx
  • Photoshoot at work with me being the model… interesting times… I’ve yet to see the photos! :/ EEEK!
  • Spontaneous outing with Nomi at eggless and a 2 hour sesh at karaoke… oh yeahhhhh~
    eggless, white chocolate and green tea tart eggless, black sesame creme brulee
    White chocolate and green tea tart, black sesame creme brulee
  • Catch up lunch with Jenn down by the quay overlooking the water and seeing a dolphin and jelly fishes at Portobello
  • Went to see Michael Buble… aka MICKEY BUBBLE! AMAZING CONCERT… it was the best concert I’ve ever been to… but that only lasted for a week! HA! πŸ™‚ But the man knows how to put on a show! What a brilliant and amazing entertainer. Oh.. and the supporting act – Naturally 7 were BEYOND amazing as well!

  • Flew out to Melbourne a weekend before my birthday for early celebrations and of course.. to see the one and only FM. ❀ ❀ ❀

    Boarding the first flight out to Melb in the AM.
  • Grabbed an early yum cha bite before our group of 5 split up – one on route to shopping, and the other to just chill and explore Melb
  • Our posse of three roamed Melb CBD, dropped by Crown, hung around in the arcade, found tokens and got ourselves a free water pistol, legged it to DFO and scored myself a dress for one of the upcoming weddings this year (must slim down!), checked into hotel, got ready and headed out to KBBQ – yuumy food and good service UNTIL THEY KEPT OUR CHANGE AS TIP… like we get it, you want tip, we’ll give you a tip but give us our change first you assholes! UGH.
  • Treated ourselves to dessert at passionflower
  • Before making our way to see the FM show… WOOHOOOOO~

FM spam post to follow!


Captain Awesome

The last month in dot points cause that’s how I roll… or in other words, I’ve gotten lazy and and this will have to do! πŸ˜‰

  • Watched Tangled starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi aka Chuck aka Charles Carmichael <3. Loved it, perfect voices, cute storyline and gorgeous imagery. Cartoons FTW!
  • tangled

  • Caught up with the lovely girls – C and T at The Brasserie whilst stuffing my face in steak and ice cream. Boo yeah~
  • the brasserie

  • C makes her trip to Melb to feast her heart shaped eyes on her future husband – Ryanimay and his mates – Quest crew. Mwahahha
  • She got me a signed poster of this dude – JV. Lovely voice, great singer! THANKS DARLS.
  • Friday after work eatings and beer and coffee at Belgian Bier Cafe, Amalfis and Cibo. Phew!
  • Workmate got married – attended the lovely church ceremony. Congrats J and C. It was beautiful!
  • $3 sushi train eatings – however our record of 30 plates between 3 people still stands. This session we chowed through 30 plates between 4 people. Fair effort!
  • Caught up with my lovely Chi Ngoc for a stroll through the Gilles St markets, before
  • Heading off to Just Tickled Pink for a girly outing with Krystle
  • just tickled pink, high tea

  • Attended a soccer match with a female to male ratio of 1:12 at the Adelaide Oval between Adelaide United and Melbourne Victory with Adel trumping at 2 – 1… I survived, thank gosh. Boys, you sure are boisterous!
  • Had oysters and beer with Krystle then lounged on a deck chair under a big fat tree in the shade at the Garden of Unearthly Delights – such bliss!
  • Got my ass whooped at a fitness session at 7.30am on a Saturday morning by a personal trainer
  • Feasted on a 3 course lunch at The Wine Underground with free flowing champagne – oh yeahhhh~ Fill ‘er up!
  • Chilled with noms at her place and stuffed self with cold rolls just like back in the hey day in Syd
  • Body felt as if train had ran over it the following day and struggled to walk like a normal human being. Limbs are about to fall off!
  • Spent time at the movies with Portman and Kutcher (No Strings Attached) before grabbing a small bite at the Red Door Bakery and filling my belly up with a mushroom pizza, plum danish and a lemon fizz!

And now we’re here… another week of work, and another countdown to the weekend. Such is life and I’m loving it!


Through the tunnel

0118: Full tennis day! 11am-11pm. Yes, I’m hardcore like that! Had tickets for that night’s match at RLA but didn’t wanna go see Hewitt battle it out against Nalbandian so managed to sell those ticks off at the gate that morning (at cost price yo – I just wanted them gone!). In turn, scored ground passes at $29 a pop, massive stalkage in progress ie. Stosur, Kirilenko, Roddick, Gasquet, Henin, Clijsters, Djokovic and……. FEDERER. THAT’S RIGHT. FEDERER BABY! There was a MASSIVE crowd of people watching him practice on court, as I tried to squeeze my way through the front. I’m about 3-4 people away from the front of the fence, and little by little, everyone started to move out… schwing~ I made sure I got my foot in to claim their spot! And whatdoyaknow?! Maybe 30 minutes of paparazzi snapping of McFed, I got through to the front of the fence! After Federers practice session, he. came. directly. AT. ME. ….. ME!!!!! He came up to me (out of everyone else – mwahahaha) and took MY sharpie (that I specifically bought for the AO) and signed my giant tennis ball and used it to sign everyone elses things! HE CAME TO ME FIRST… AND USED MY SHARPIE. HEH! Fangirling in progress… holy crap balls. I made damn well sure that I got that sharpie back! “Security! SECURITY! SECURITY! That’s my sharpie, can I get that back when he’s done!! I WANT THAT PEN!” Security guards pretended to throw my sharpie away – HEH – but gave it back. Mwahaha, so now I have Fed’s autograph on my jumbo tennis ball AND a sharpie with all his germs all over it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Fed, you are amazing, a legend… GOAT. &lt;3 &lt;3

australian open, ausopen, tennis, andy roddick

australian open, ausopen, tennis, roger federer

australian open, ausopen, tennis, roger federer

australian open, ausopen, tennis

0119: Home time… NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😦 woke up early, loitered the city, grabbed myself a cuppa (tea), a light breakfast at pie face (yum!) before heading back to the hotel to check out. Friend and I did some more loitering before having another bite (for me) at Passionflower. My passionflower cravings have been satisfied (although, I much prefer the passionflower in Syd). Mmmmm… black sesame ice cream!! &lt;3 My cousin later picked us up at the hotel, we went to grab another bite at Brunelli (haha piggy me) before getting dropped off at the airport. Le sigh. Security deflated my jumbo ball.. BOOO. Bid my farewells and back home I went to crazy ass 36 degree weather. Melted. 😦

View from roof top of hotel