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Le Be Be Que

Piccies from last weeks farewell BBQ for our dear friend, W. Oh what fun was had and the food was yummos tooo! =)~

W, looks like we may be seeing you soon! Either in HK or when both you and your other half come to visit!

Easter BBQ

Opening the bag of charcoal briquette

easter bbq

Pour thy contents into cauldron

easter bbq

Fan frantically

easter bbq

And that, boys and girls, is how you start a BBQ.... hahahah!!

dip and bread

Spinach, cream, sour cream, chestnuts and spring onion dip with bread, delish!


C's salad

spring rolls and thai fish cakes

Spring rolls and Thai fish cakes

the girls

See you W!! ❤



It’s Friday tomorrow!! HELLSYEAH.


City sounds

How massively long was this Easter weekend?! Full of awesome I say… shame that work resumes today cause holiday mode was awesome! Sighhhhhhhh..

The past week has been rather chocablock with a photo shoot mid week (pics below), a night out at Hannah’s watching Benjamin Button (longest movie ever. EVER), a minor car accident – thanks you shit face P plater… karma’s going to bite you in the ass.. bastard, a bbq at Hannah’s where the girls were put in charge of starting a BBQ – old school style – coals and all, sending dear Wenky off back to HK, climbing all 7.6km of Mount Lofty, Bread Top binge, another BBQ for a friend’s birthday, bumming around at Nomi’s house and having a Greys’ Anatomy marathon. Phew!

What’d you guys get up to? Oh and news that 2PM is hitting it up in the states for an upcoming concert along with Wonder Girls and 2AM…….. WIN!!!!

Looking forward to the weekend already!

City sounds – Rundle Mall

City sounds


City sounds


City sounds


City sounds


City sounds


City sounds




To Anyone

Happy birthday Phuongie! Hope you have a good one!! =)

Had 6 hours of sleep today and that’s no where near enough, especially for a Saturday!!! Got woken up by the noise outside the apartment this morning due to road works… blah!

Dinner at Milliore in Capitol Square yesterday night.

Yukhwe bibimbap… omgah, this was sooooooooooooooo yummy~ Bibimbap… it’s all in the sauce and the salad…

Finished the night off at Passionflower and a hot green tea latte… so goooooood!

Went to the soompi meet today and dragged Noms to the bbq meet with me too.. ha! Had a nice time, planned to make it to dinner but got so tired once we got home, PLUS the crows were playing, so wanted to catch that on tele.. lol. Next time definitely, hopefully a Soompi Shoot in the future… =P

Ok, crows are on tele now, go the crowsssssssss!!!