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Oh mwahahaha!

If you follow me on tumblr, twitter and/ or fb, you may have heard the news. I am OFFICIALLY jobbed as a web designer/ developer! PSYCH! Now, time to build up some leave for a much needed holiday! Hahahah My first day will kick off on Monday next week, am looking forward to it… so for now, I’m going to make the most of staying out in the city during lunch and brief shopping trips. 🙂

I must say I had a really great weekend. Hiked as per usual with an extra attendee this time around, who might I add was extremely impressive with no breaks; and he was just a minute behind me! IMPRESSIVE.

Caught up with my girl Phuong and Nghi for brunch listening to Phuong’s adventure in Europe… which only makes me want to go NOW. NOW NOW NOW. I’m like a kid throwing a tantrum cause she wants to go O/S! Hahahha.. all in due time I suppose. 🙂

poached eggs, etc, east terrace continental
Brunch at ETC, soft poached eggs… nom nom nom~

chanel bag
One of Phuongie’s splurges whilst she was in Paris! ❤

Spent a shit load of money on clothes over the weekend – literally a shopping spree online AND offline. 2 x shoes, 3 x tops, 2 x skirts and a dress… and there’s still 18 items on my eBay watch list! Missed out on a few items… but maybe it’s a good thing for my poor wallet. Le sigh.

Ladakh top
One of my purchases – Ladakh striped top with gold buttons ❤

Made steak with C and J yesterday, spoilt ourselves with a bottle of Rosemount O and topped it off with a rainbow paddlepop. Oh booya! Finished the arvo off with a marathon of Greys’ Anatomy and my gosh, what a season finale. A bit.. WTF – in terms of a stupid SWAT team but nevertheless, great episodeeee! Avery, you are fine!

Hope this week flies by for everyone!