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Shake on it

Dinner with the girls while I was back home. Location: Han Guk Guan in Chinatown. I must say, the food was rather disappointing, the front doors mimicking traditional Korean doors are such a sham, you’d think that if you enter such an intricate looking entrance you’d be greeted with something of the same calibre. Traditional looking decor, interesting and cultural ornaments, cutlery… er… FAIL! Simple boring decor.

Fried dumplings – Meh.

Steamed dumplings – better than their fried friend but still, meh.

Combination bbq: pork ribs, beef ribs and chicken with a massive bed of onions.

Dinner: meh, Company: win!

Coffe at Cibo; C, Tina and Hannah who also happens to be a celebrity magnet! Bosco Wong and Miranda Kerr in the span of 2 weeks, hot damn!

Huddled up in my bed… getting ready to watch a movie on the laptop.

Mister D trying to let me know that he needed to go to the dunny! =D



K and Chinga came down from Adel yesterday for Jay’s concert that I unfortunately didn’t attend (damn expensive tickets, and damn crappy dodgy ticket sellers *shakes fist*) … I was so bummed when we dropped them off, hoping that they’d bump into some scalpers at the very least… but nope, no scalpers, so no tickets and no Jay for me. BOO! Oh yeah.. what’s up with Neyo’s concert? His concert details have disappeared off ticketek… >=( He’s not coming down to Aus no more?

The concert ended at around 11 and we headed into the city after picking K and Chinga up from Acer to get some food – Seoul food at Seoul Ria! =D The place was pretty packed, more so than usual, most likely contributed by concert goers getting some late night tucker too… and what do you know? I bumped into a friend from Adel – massive Jay fan.  Sydney seriously gets smaller and smaller everyday, how many more Adel people am I going to bump into? o.O

We couldn’t wait to stuff ourselves in food.. what a perfect way to top off a chilly cold night with some hotpot and spicy food! Mmmmmm~


Seafood hotpot

Seafood pancake

Take away! Mwahahah

We get home and the 3 musketeers have some chup chup and dive into multiple tubs of gelato: green tea, taro, mango and lemon lime and bitters. What a way to end off the night! Wow, does that really taste like mango? – It really does take like mango….. hahahahaha!!

Chup chup at 2 in the morning chowing down multiple tubs of gelato!

We all got up at around 9 today, got ready and headed down to cab for some bun bo hue! OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH… a stop over at Bread Top was a must! (Bread Top is my weakness. =D YUM).. and a final stop at Brands United where K scored a hot Mooks leather jacket for $300! SCORE! =D

Currently – browsing through My Wife and Kids season 5, chowing down Bread Top buns and struggling to keep eyelids up.


Top it off

What a weekend.. or lack thereof really. Not exactly eventful or “fun”… almost mediocre, lazy and meh… but I shouldn’t complain, weekends are what everyone looks forward to after a long week at work. It’s time to chill, bum, eat and laze… and that, I did!

Friday night entailed… er.. what did it entail? Our attempt to watch America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 was a massive fail — maybe cause we didn’t watch it in it’s chronological order, but seriously, it was pretty.. meh. Actually, it made me konk out at 11? T.T

Saturday was pretty much a blur too. We had an acquaintaince back home come and stay the night due to unforeseen circumstances, noms had work ALL DAY, the damn woman didn’t get home til after 7! Hard woman at work indeedy! And I, well I woke up, had brekky and turned on the PC.. sat there and witnessed the sun rise up and down til night fall. Yes, I basically sat on my ass all freakn day doing who knows what! How sad, the first thing our guest saw/met me was when I was plonked in front of the PC, he went out and came back home when it got dark and I was STILL in the same spot… PWAAHAHAH.. oh fail. I did, however, watch a movie! Marley and Me… awesome movie! ❤

I had other plans for the day, but they kinda got pushed along and eventually cancelled mainly due to the rain.. twas so cold! =( All good, we made up for it by eating out that night, HUZZAH! EATING OUT! FOOD.. OMGAHHHH! We went local and opted for Korean down in Stratty… forgot what the place was called, something along the lines of MaaZang — and ordered spicy pork and squid stir fry and beef rib soup.

Spicy pork and squid stir fry.

Beef rib soup

The food was pretty average, Noms said my soup tastes better (ha ha), service was average and ambience… what ambience, we were the only ones there, but hey, you get what you pay for – dinner for two $25.

Seeing that we didn’t do much the night before and all day Saturday, we legged it to Alrose Lounge for a coffee.. or beer.

Sitting outside at Alrose Lounge.

The place was full to the brim — always a good sign. We perused through the menu and my heart skipped a beat at the sight of cocktail sojus.. !! YAY! Soju.. hahaha, unfortunately, the dude there wouldn’t let us order any alcoholic beverage unless we ordered food as well. DUDEEEEE, we were so full from dinner, there was no way we were able to fit in more food, be it chips or nibbles.. it ain’t happening! Dessert… maybe, we try a second time around, and still, nopes. No soju and no beer. >=( So what’s next? Coffee!


Green tea latte – YUMMMM, even better than the one at Passionflower – bigger and I think cheaper too!

We got home at around 10PM and I had the baking bug.. Didn’t take long til these babies came out!

Nhom nhom~ We ended the night off with Gossip Girl season 2 finale and Bolt! GGS02 – seriously, seriously?! One of most pathetic and stupidest shows to date, but I can’t help myself and keep watching it.. it’s fun to laugh about indecisive, spoilt, confused, temperamental, rich, upper east siders and Bolt – just AWESOME. PLAIN AWESOME. I love Pixar animations, they do everything so well, their animations are AMAZING, the details, the textures, the lighting… I could go on and on, and having some MINOR experience with 3D Maya – wow – those animators are extremely dedicated talents that embrace and breathe this beautiful, intricate and modern artform!

Ok, almost there!

Sunday saw us in Bankstown to get some food, Cab to get… u guessed it, more food. Our policy of eating out ONCE a weekend when dwindling down the drain when we smelt the aroma of grilled meat, rice and noodle waffling in the air once we got to Cab. We went weak at the knees and zig zagged our way through the crowd until we reached a noodle house on John St. A long line of people were waiting outside… good sign, but man oh man, we were so hungryyyyyyy! Didn’t take long before we got a table and scoffed down Mi Vit Tiem (dry) and Com Tam Bi Xuong with Che Sam Bo Luong and Che Trai Cay. OMG – heaven. Food heaven. No pics cause no camera – but it was SO yummy and satisfying and filling and cheap – and did I say yummy? Hahaha, another stop over at Hot Bread to grab 2 Banh Mi Thit for dinner and for my comparison with the BMT at Tay Do in Adel and our time in Cab came to an end.. haha

The verdict is, Cab BMT was pretty damn good, and so is Tay Do’s BMT… but I’m gonna have to go for Tay Do cause it’s so damn good — heard they jacked the prices up again – long gone are the days of $2 rolls! However, seeing that I’m in Syd, I’ll happily munch my way through Cab’s BMT when my craving itches for it. WIN!


Bang bang boom

Usually Friday kicks off the weekend, but the past weekend somehow kicked off mid week, and as a result, I hardly cooked all week and am missing some home cooked meals. Therefore, for this entire week.. all the way through Sunday, I will not go out to eat. I can’t. I won’t. I shan’t. The only reason to go out this weekend is for groceries, necessities and possibly cycling! >=)

Ok Friday recap… was supposed to leave work at 4 and bus it to the city as I made an appointment for Nomz to get a massage as a birthday gift. Left work a teeny bit late and in turn, missed the bus, waited forever for the next one, got to the city in grid lock traffic, met up with Nomz, took another bus and ran to the spa location. We were late.. oops! But they were nice enough about it, phew! How was the massage you ask? HAHAHAHAH, funny, awkward, intimidating, foreign but relaxing and really stress relieving.

Too bad I didn’t lug my camera around as the place was so nice and relaxing.. everything about the place was soothing, the music, interior, smell, and the staff were really friendly too.

Beer cravings were in order and we were to satisfy them at Belgian Beer bar! Floris Apples were N/A! *groans* so we ordered a Leffe Brune (dark), a Stella Artois and chips with mayonnaise. Beer is always good… *burp* and so were the chips! Now to fill our empty but beer filled stomachs… korean food! We leg around the city and find Madang off a small side street off Pitt Street. Oh man was the line long or whatttttt! It didn’t take long before we got seated and were ready to order. The food was soooooo yummy, but I smelt like bbq by the end of it, no range hood over the grill. Bleh~ It totally undid the spa treatment!

Saw a cupcake store on the way to dinner.. it looked so damn good!!

Chicken and pork ribs… I’m salivating just by typing it out.

I’ve been doing this a lot, and it’s not good.. overeating. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of that.. I have this habit of finishing everything in front of me, every. single. grain. of. rice. It’s been ingrained in me from childhood from my parents. The constant “kids in other countries have no food to eat, therefore you shall finish everything you’ve been given so you don’t waste food, etc etc etc.” It’s not helping me at my waistline and scale seems to be broken nowadays too! Numbers keep going up… o.O Someone, help me!



Weekly recap of the past weekend.

As always, it kicks off with Friday night, but this time, we did something different, something mind boggling, something out of the extraordinary…. Well, in actuality, we did nothing at all but watch ABDC! WOOHOOOOOO! Why am I so happy you ask? Cause I got to save money and didn’t stuff my body with unnecessary junk! You do know that this rule doesn’t exactly always apply, especially on a Saturday night, HOWEVER, we didn’t go out for drivies or coffee or midnight snacking which is awesomeness! How ironic really, I mean this is what we always used to do on Friday nights, stay in and marathon Top Chef and just bum after a whole entire week at work, but over the last few weeks, we’ve just constantly gone out to eat and hang. I mean, I shouldn’t really complain cause it’s fun, it’s relaxing and it’s so freaking yummy, it just doesn’t do too many favours for my waist line and pocket, especially when I try so damn hard to eat right and exercise. Well, clearly not hard enough.. time to refocus and learn to stop over eating. =P Even the girls back at home are aghast as to how much I eat out.. hahaha!

Back to not so flashy Friday night, we spent the night in watching America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3… you may recognise such faces like Hok and Dominic from America’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 (Sabra taking the title, Dominic was Sabra’s partner and Hok had that amazing Hummingbird dance for those of you who can remember). AND OH. MY. GOD. Best show ever. EVER. EVER EVER! Go get it! Like, now GO GO GO! Our obsession has slightly veered towards Quest crew and Lee Min Ho is going to take a back seat. For now. Hahahah!

Oh hello fly boys! nted these guys are until you watch what they do! Trust me on this one. Do yourselves a favour and be sure to visit their website and check out ABDC‘s site for videos, piccies and all that good stuff! =)

We had absolutely no plans this weekend considering we had lotsa plans for the following weekend. Stumped on places to go, things to do and a lack of moolah.. we were.. erm.. not doing anything. Nomi suggested we just hit Burwood and browse, but then we were called out by her friends wanting to hit Oxford St for some shopping. Okay! I was up for anything.. in the process, I gots to do some exercise – extensive walking, yay! Another unit down for the week. I did plan to cook dinner Saturday night, just to save some moolah and be on my best behaviour of not eating out, but it didn’t exactly work to plan.

Oxford St; The Fringe Functions: Bar with store owners inside selling their items. Vintage shopping with drinks!

Sour Cherry Muffin

A short visit to Nomi’s aunts place after Oxford St, some snacking of sushi and we headed home. Surprise surprise, we loaded up ABDC, again. YES! AGAIN and rewatched all the good bits, ie Quest Crew, Beat Freaks and Strikers All Stars Britney dance. It was an “off” kinda day in relation to food.. we didn’t really have breakfast, more like brunch, didn’t have lunch, more like snacking and nibbling and so far, no dinner. As id on cue, our stomachs were calling out to us at around 11pm which is not a good time to be eating anything at this ridiculous hour, but knowing us, no hour is ever ridiculous enough to deny us the satisfaction of foooooood!

Food of choice: Korean. Hahaha, the side dishes just wins us over, plus the only place opened at this hour is Seoul Ria and so far, they have yet to disappoint us.. Of course, not forgetting the waiter that we always encounter when we’re there, haha, he always takes our order and is attentive whelist of things to eat!)

Pork Bulgogi

Soy Bean paste stew

(This post is no post without some food porn!)

Next stop after super late dinner, dessert!! We were fully hanging out for some Japanese mochi at Wagaya, unfortunately they didn’t have it on the menu this time around. Fail. Walked to Passionflower — closed. Double fail. Found $2 on the way back from Passionflower — win! Bought Wasabi beans — Double win! Hahah, we settled for coffee at Dela France and people watched. Hahaha, we saw clueless and not so smart asian girls standing on the road when wanting to cross the road, there’s a footpath 30cm behind you girls! We see eccentric looking Koreans, one dude with trousers that cut off at his ankles, no socks and black shoes.. hahah, couples, clubbers, drinkers, smokers, everyday looking kinda people — what’s new? People watching, tis fun!

People watching.. do you see the one leg? Hahaha!

Once we got home, we were too full and bloated to hit the sack, so we continue with ABDC… up til 430AM!!! T_T We had to be at Nomis aunts place at 1030 in a few hours time! Clearly, no sleeping in for us, but we did go late instead.. a few hours late cause we had to fit in some grocery shopping. =P

We were at Nomis aunt place and had to head out to get some basic groceries.


I get out of the car and find this:

Result? Me lying on the floor, dying of laughter! PWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!

Nomz pulling the wagon back to the house and to Chris.. hahahah, Mr. Prankster!

So that was the weekend and Mothers’ Day. Hope ya’ll had a pleasant weekend!!