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Sleep Away

The fortnight that was:

Last last weekend, friends and I hit it up at the Master Chef Master Class in the Adelaide Hills – Bird in Hand winery for a canape degustation, some wine and some celebrity shoulder rubbing. Ohhellsyeah. Got to mingle with a number of the Master Chef contestants from this years show: Alvin, Jonathan, Marion, Adele, Claire and Adele. What a fantastic night! πŸ˜‰

Pictures to boot:

bird in hand winery, master chef master class

master chef master class, bird in hand, alvin

master chef master class, bird in hand, alvin
First canape for the night, and my absolute favourite: Alvins seared scallop with lemongrass and lime salt.

master chef master class, bird in hand, jonathan

master chef master class, bird in hand, marion

master chef master class, bird in hand, adele

master chef master class, bird in hand, claire

master chef master class, bird in hand, skye
I am SO BUMMED I didn’t get a better pic of Skye’s dessert. It was soooooooo pretty! But my brain, at this stage was all mush. Fail.

As the night went on, photos dried up a bit. I blame the wine! Shhh, we know mixing is a bad idea, but hey, if they’re pouring, we’re drinking!

No hiking that weekend (2 weekends in a row – FML) – given that I made myself any excuse to get away from it. Minor hang over, late night, it’s raining outside – that all seemed to do the trick! Heh. Scored myself a new lens for the camera resulting in a major depletion in the bank account – pay day, hurry up please! Said bank account needs a recharge! Also squeezed in a catch up yum cha with the lovely L and Noms who I haven’t seen in so longggggg. ❀ Oh, and dumped kdramas over Noms house… she churned through 16 episodes of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho within the span of 24hours. HAHAHA I LOVE THAT GIRL. Hoy-hoy! (A record in my books, even if she ffwd the Chow Yun Fat version 2.0 and Aunt scenes)

The weekend just past is in stark contrast to that of previous. I literally stayed in bed all day on Saturday. Literally. Woke up, stayed in bed, brushed my teeth, climbed back into bed, had brunch, climbed back into bed, had dinner, climbed back into bed… 10 oclock peeps at the top right hand corner of my laptop – and I think it’s time to shower and wash up… ready for bed! Hahaha.

Yesterday… different story. I had the option of hitting the shops and getting myself a hot dog or going on my much needed hike (I had a fat moment). So, with every ounce of fat in me, I opted for the latter. (GO ME!) Whilst trekking the Lofty path, every 10m or so, I’d come across a pile of poo pellets. Now, a workmate has told me that wombat poop are actually square in shape – and square they are! The pellets I saw were more like… pebbles that could have passed as rounded square shaped poop. (HAHAH – poo rant) With about 420m of trekking to go, I see this big brown furry thing in the forest beside me… It’s a wild kangaroo – or roos – there were two!! Hahaha… so those pellets I kept seeing along the way were really roo poos. Interesting. πŸ˜›

mount lofty, wild kangaroos
Kangaroo butt

Anyone get any trick or treaters yesterday? There were a few witches and ghosts in my neighbourhood: see exhibit A:

But we had our fence closed seeing that we had no lollies to hand out. Maybe next year.. maybe.

Mondayitis nipped my in the butt last night but alas, the day is over! Am looking forward to the next one already!! Woohoooo.

Psst… I have the car for work tomorrow, that means I get to sleep in! OMG. SLEEP IN. ❀



Wasn’t it the best week of MC ever?! What made it EVEN sweeter was that Adam took home the title! OMGHELLSYEAH. So there we have it folks, two years running and an Asian Australian has made it to the finals (It was SO Poh’s title last year – yes it was)! That snow bomb looked amazing, especially the ‘crack’ made just before digging into it. Someone, take me to Quay will you? Please? πŸ™‚

Finally went to the movies – only second visit this year; (I am no movie person so don’t freak out if I haven’t seen a lot of movies… I’ve warned you!!) and feasted my 3d eyed up glasses on Toy Story 3. Oh what bliss… awesome movie, and you’ve gotta love Spanish Buzz and one time Mr. Tortilla turned Cucumber head! LOVE! Gotta make another visit to watch Inception too cause I’m dying to see Leo, so… any takers?!

Speaking of movies, I need to do a Disney movie marathon too. Throw in some Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi (should I stop before you start throwing eggs at me? Yes, I think I should >.<)… like I said, I haven't seen many movies! πŸ˜› Someone educate me? What movies should I have seen already? Cause for starters, just to let you gauge on my limited movie viewing history, I've not seen the Godfather, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, The Dark Knight, Pretty Woman (in its entirety)… I could go on and on and on… really.


Catch up lunch date with miss a.

Can’t say I dig Mexican food too much, someone show me otherwise! Is it more than tacos, nachos, enchiladas, chilli con carne and coronas?! ISSIT? πŸ™‚

BTW, I will be doing the City to Bay run this year (12km run)! Donations appreciated, will post up details shortly!