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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Happy Birthday you old fart!

Happy birthday Mister D. I miss you!!

Love you, be good and stay cool.. HAHAHAH



Seas would rise

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hope ya’ll had a nice weekend. Stayed in on Friday night to catch Safin and Fed’s match… unfortunately, Safin lost and will not be coming back to AO anymore.. =(

Saturday entailed DFO, lunch at CeCi’s with Nomz workmates and chilling out at home watching tennis. Again. Then went out for walkies down Darling Harbour.. came home and tennis-ed again. This time, Gasquet vs Gonzalez with the Gonz triumphing in the 5th set! GAH!!!

Sunday.. chinese new years eve! Went to the temple down Cab, did some grocery shopping and then went to Bondi with Heang and Trung. Was a rather temperamental day in regards to the weather.. took a few snaps, went home and had some Thai food.. was gearing up for another night of tennis with Dokic vs Kleybenova? Spontaneously, we decided to go to another temple and watch the fireworks with Hung and Maria. Was a really nice night, good atmosphere.. and just a lot of asians…. go figure! Thanh Bui performed at the temple.. hahahah, there was a moment when he pointed at Nomz and we just went ballistic, mainly due to an inside joke… anyhoos, we must’ve looked like 15yo teenagers.. eww.. hahah. Firecrackers were awesome, fireworks were awesome, aside from the fact that the debris was falling down onto the crowd whilst the fireworks didn’t shoot too far upwards so it almost felt like it was going to rain down on us.. little embers and dust and debris.. and crap. Anyhoos, was a nice night.. got home and turned the tele on for tennis. AGAIN! hahah this time, Djokovic vs Baghdahtis… as with the last previous nights, whoever I rooted for didn’t get through, and Sunday night was exactly the same. Baggy out.

Monday was the laziest day of all. We did.. nothing. Zip! Nada! Happy Australia Day by the way! Just tennised all day, made some baked pumpkins and carrots, they were quite awesome mind you! Oh, and Tsonga bet Blake in straight sets, hooray! I have one player still bidding for the AO title.. vamos!

Ok short dodgy recap aside, time for piccies.

Teresa’s new addition – Eevee. She’s so freakn CUTE!

Temple in Cab; Bondi Beach; Bondi Markets; Temple Chinese New Year Celebrations



C’mon Safin! You can do itttttttttt! =P

Safin vs. Federer, excited much?!?!?!

How are YOU spending your Friday night?!



Weekend went by so fast.. did it even happen? Hmphs!

Friday night entailed tennis.. ha ha! Saturday – Dung’s in Adelaide, we went to the fish market and had some oysters, salt and pepper squid, calamari rings AND fish cocktails. Not exactly healthy!

Again, the night entailed tennis. Hahah, I love the tv at the moment!

Sunday, mum went home and Nomz and I just bummed. No piccies.. eh..

News of the week.. TENNISSSSS.. YUM.

Oh Krystle’s back in AUSTRALIA! HOORAY, Welcome back you! Can’t wait to hear all your stories in NZ.



Tennis collage is up (click for full view)! Hooray.. and TGIF! About time. =P