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Monthly Archives: July 2010


Wasn’t it the best week of MC ever?! What made it EVEN sweeter was that Adam took home the title! OMGHELLSYEAH. So there we have it folks, two years running and an Asian Australian has made it to the finals (It was SO Poh’s title last year – yes it was)! That snow bomb looked amazing, especially the ‘crack’ made just before digging into it. Someone, take me to Quay will you? Please? πŸ™‚

Finally went to the movies – only second visit this year; (I am no movie person so don’t freak out if I haven’t seen a lot of movies… I’ve warned you!!) and feasted my 3d eyed up glasses on Toy Story 3. Oh what bliss… awesome movie, and you’ve gotta love Spanish Buzz and one time Mr. Tortilla turned Cucumber head! LOVE! Gotta make another visit to watch Inception too cause I’m dying to see Leo, so… any takers?!

Speaking of movies, I need to do a Disney movie marathon too. Throw in some Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Fantasia, Lady and the Tramp, Bambi (should I stop before you start throwing eggs at me? Yes, I think I should >.<)… like I said, I haven't seen many movies! πŸ˜› Someone educate me? What movies should I have seen already? Cause for starters, just to let you gauge on my limited movie viewing history, I've not seen the Godfather, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, The Dark Knight, Pretty Woman (in its entirety)… I could go on and on and on… really.


Catch up lunch date with miss a.

Can’t say I dig Mexican food too much, someone show me otherwise! Is it more than tacos, nachos, enchiladas, chilli con carne and coronas?! ISSIT? πŸ™‚

BTW, I will be doing the City to Bay run this year (12km run)! Donations appreciated, will post up details shortly!



Camera shy poochie

Look at this gorgeous face!!

rossi, animal welfare league, dog
Rossi – camera shy handsome boy

and this one…

animal welfare league, dog, meesha
Meesha – cutie in her winter sweater

and this one!

animal welfare league, empress
Empress the princess

Went down to the Animal Welfare League over the weekend to donate some food to the homeless doggies and went to say hello to them too. 😦

I hope they find a nice warm loving home soon! πŸ™‚

Ate throughout the course of the weekend:

The Lion Hotel

the lion, bread and dip
House dips with assorted breads; roasted mushroom and beetroot dip. Delish! Especially the mushroom one, ohmygahhhhh~

the lion hotel, barramundi, steak
Pan fried barramundi with squid ink pasta, seaweed salad, apple puree, lobster tempura ball and mayonnaise
Coorong Black Angus M.S.A* Graded Scotch Fillet with creamy mash, peppercorn sauce and spiced tomato relish

Superb food! ❀

Also binged out at sushi train – $3 a plate…

2 hour line up, 3 people, 1 booth and 30 plates later, absolute chaos:

sushi train


Oh and before I forget (ha! I’ve forgotten about it for the last few months)! My website!! It’s been up for months now.. and needs a make over. Meh. Thoughts??



Howdy howdy?

This weather is atrocious to say the least. No one likes to wake up to rain pissing pouring in the middle of the night/ morning. And it doesn’t help when my house has a tin roof!! Aeishhhh~ Onto other things, other exciting or not so exciting things, but if food’s part of the equation, then that’s 2 brownie points towards it being an exciting thing:

Went on a food excursion with N (one of many), this time, exhibit A: Culshaw’s Grill. The restaurant itself is small, very small. Service friendly but clueless and food was a major flop. Meh.

culshaw's grill, risotto and kangaroo
Garlic prawn risotto with saffron, lemon thyme and champagne cream finished with gremolata and a parmesan crisp;
Chargrilled chilli marinated kangaroo fillet on a tartlet of braised red onion and capsicum with a blueberry glaze

Did something a bit different this past weekend, tagged along to a friends friend birthday party for drinksies! The crowd was slightly older and not exactly the accomodating type but hey, at least they appeared friendly! Hahaha, I was the responsible one with the car so consumed 2 drinks throughout the night on an empty stomach.. maybe not the smartest idea! So to absorb the alcohol and to un-tipsy myself (yes, I’m weak), my friends and I head to Macca’s which happens to be right across the road! Now, a normal capable person would just leg it across the road to stuff themselves with delicious crap, and that indeed was our plan. That is, until we stepped outside and the winter frost and chill bestowed its power upon us.

Car keys?! CHECK.

Yeah, we did it. We took the car to Macca’s. Yes, I know, it was only across the road. BUT. (There’s always a “but”). It was FREEZING and it looked like it was closed with only the drive through operating. Ha! A few minutes later, we park, get in and order. (Yeah, it was still open.. haha!) Did I order you ask? Did I break my drought of 2 years on the Maccas ban? Unfortunately I did!! *gasps* Yes, I had my first bite of a Macca’s chicken wrap. My first bite in 2 years and I’ve got to say, I have not been missing out on anything. It was crap, bland, flavourless and just… CRAP. Back on the macca’s ban I go, but this time, I gotta start again. Le sighhhhhhh. So 4 days and counting.. haha!! Btw, I’ve also been on a Hungry Jacks/ Burger King and KFC ban, 1 and a half years and 3 years respectively. Try to break my ban, I dare you!

Oooh oh! Went shopping on Sunday and scored all of thisssssssssss:


for $105 all up! YES! BARGAINS!! Now I have more clothes for work and play. πŸ™‚ A school-esque blazer, coat, striped shirt, lace top, work skirt, slouch pants and high waisted pants. SCORE!

Another food excursion was in progress last night, exhibit B: The Sebel Playford. Dress code: fine dining. Well, the sky was unforgiving with blasting the city with rain, gust and wind. And I had work so black pants and leather jacket was going to have to suffice! Hahahah, sucks for me cause all my pretty friends were in their dresses and heels! Oh well.

the sebel playford

Throughout the course of our dinner, we were being referred to as ‘Madam’ by our waiter. Hrms.. me and ‘Madam’ is like chalk and cheese, it just doesn’t work. Hahaha, no need for terms mister waiter! πŸ™‚

Food was good albeit a bit small (mainly just my dish)! I was still so hungry after mains and dessert! 😦

the sebel playford, desserts, marshmallow, chocolate terrine
Citrus marshmallow – compressed pineapple, coriander, Malibu and pineapple sorbet
Callebaut chocolate terrine – organic milk jelly, roast banana mousse and chocolate soil

And to make up for the mini hiatus from blogging, a little something I did:

debbii, graphic

Good day/ night everyone!

Excursion number 3 in the works for the weekend, Exhibit C: *Roar*