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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Phony War

I don’t think much can top off my last post… hahaha, psst, I still have Poreotics fever – even food is no cure for it, but I tried. Heh!

and and cause K is so awesome – she got me this from the UK!

pinhole camera
Pinhole camera – can’t wait to assemble it! 😉



Poreotix Workshop

What a stinker of a day, a balmy 28 but more like a stinky 35+ in the office. Air con needs fixing, AND PRONTO I TELL YOU. I am going to turn into a slow cooked pot roast by the time we head into Summer. ICK. Moving on… 🙂

Attended the Poreotics workshop last week on Tuesday as a spectator – and a spectator I was. Watched Justin Jet Li teach interested dancers a short dance number to Britney’s Womaniser *rawr*; whilst the rest of the crew just hung out and did their own thing.

poreotix workshop tic tic tour justin jet li

poreotix workshop tic tic tour justin jet li
Justin Jet Li teaching the students the choreography

poreotix workshop tic tic tour charles dumbo
Charles and Dumbo

poreotix workshop tic tic tour lawrence charles dumbo chad justin jet li can
Poreotics – Sassy!

poreotix workshop tic tic tour can chad
Can and Chad

poreotix workshop tic tic tour

poreotix workshop tic tic tour

Once the workshop concluded, everyone got their chance to strut their stuff and perform the dance that they learnt before all the fan interaction took place. Photos, autographs and what have you — gotta admit, felt like an old duck out of water there, definitely not my kind of crowd *eye rollage*. 😛

oconnell street bakery pie

Capped the night off with a steak pie with bacon and cheese! Regretted it five minutes later, but hey, what can you dooooooooooo?! 😛


Midnight Parade

Is it that time already? Lunch time has just crept up around the corner with daylight savings playing a role in it! Yay for more sunlight, ❤

I would like to say a huge big Congratulations to J and D on their (official) engagement, hope you guys had a fantabulous day with friends and family! ❤

engagement, congratulations

All the girls were decked out in Ao Dai’s, a Vietnamese national costume whilst the boys got to deck themselves out in nice tight fitting suits. Aeish.. haha! Had a super day with everyone and enjoyed the food too. See you all next week to partayyyy (an no ao dai’s required)! 🙂 More photos in my flickr account but be quick, cause they won’t be up for long!

So that was the weekend folks: engagement party, Gilles St markets and a brisk jog whilst enjoying the gorgeous weather minus the hayfever attacks being sprung on me.

Did anyone end up going to Poreotix Tic Tic Tour? How was it??