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Exhibition YC and navigation fail

Ok, catching up on my blog posts!

Last week, my friends and I managed to annihilate 17 dishes and at least 10 pots of tea at yum cha within the duration of an hour. Yes, food comas were undoubtedly in order but it was well worth it!

citi zen, yum cha, siu mai, har gao, dumplings
Siu mai and har gao

The we fast forward to this weekend… a long weekend in fact. (YAY!) And what a great one it’s proved to be thus far.

Kicked the week off on Friday night with Nghi and had a much needed dose of Tori Mayo at the china town food court. Let me tell you, don’t let food court food fool you! (Tongue tied anyone?) This tori mayo will set you back a whopping $8.30 and is unbelievably delicious!

tori mayo, domotachi, china town food court
Tori mayo

After devouring every little thing on my plate, we head to Bread Top to pick up some buns for my mother and then Cibo for a hot warm coffee and a catch up session. Fun fun!

As usual, Saturday morning is devoted to a morning hike up Mt Lofty. After the hike, I drop by a nearby shopping centre and score myself a brand new trench coat for $42 from $130! EOFYS, oh what bliss! 🙂

Dinner was planned a few days prior: a nice dinner with my bestie at the Mt Lofty summit restaurant over looking the city. Problem was, we didn’t know how to get there by car! Sure, we’ve walked up the mountain on countless occasions, but we’ve never had to take the car, and therefore a different route. I mean, surely we’d find our way there! We have TOMTOM (GPS navigation) and if that fails, we both have google maps on our phone. What do you know? We get lost finding the restaurant! Hahaha, stupid TOMTOM keeps navigating us back into the city, so we ignore that, and googlemaps only got us so far cause we lost reception on our phones! FAIL. We find ourselves in woop woop, a dead end road, no sign of life, no lights, stark darkness – LOST and late for our dinner booking. Hahaha!

We navigate ourselves back into the suburbs, get reception and take a different route. This time, we find ourselves going up the mountain on one side, and then back down the other side and finally, (at long last) we arrive at our destination! Thank gosh, an epic journey to get there and an epic meal to end it off! The food was absolute bliss:

the summit, pork cutlet, beef fillet
Pork cutlet on roasted caramelised pumpkin and sauteed spinach with rosemary and port glaze; eye fillet of beef on crushed new potatoes with truffle butter, confit shallots and beef jus.

the summit, pavlova
Pavlova with mixed berry compote, passion fruit puree and fresh cream

Attempted to take a picture of the city from the Summit just out the front of the restaurant:

mt lofty summit view
The view from the summit of Mt Lofty

GRSS.. no tripod, unbearable weather, had one go and had to bolt to the car! Lol, will have to have another go when the weather starts warming up a bit, or getting one of those sleeping bag-like jackets that the Korean actors wear when they’re filming. You know the ones I’m talking about? Those big puffy shapeless parachute material things that run down to your shins with a fur lined hoodie. Yeah, I need one of those to tackle this weather! 🙂

Finished the night off at besties house just mingling and enjoying each others company.

Today was much more low key but still epic as the papa and I ran amok in Ikea. Literally. Hahaha picked up a few things.. how can you not at Ikea? C’mon, even before you exit the bloody store, they tempt you with one dollar hot dogs, yes…ONE DOLLAR hot dogs. Can you turn that down? You can ey? How about a dollar ice cream? Huh huh?! Well you probably could too, but point is, you’ll more than likely walk away from Ikea with something. Anything.

Now if I was smart, I’d hop into bed, have an early night and get up early to catch the Socceroos at 4am with their first match against Germany. But we all know, I’m not smart and will probably not get into bed til about 1 or 2… and regret it 2 hours later. Ha!




Oh boy, ’twas another weekend where I ate myself silly. This is clearly not a healthy addiction!

Friday saw Nomz, myself plus one off to Sushi Tengoku aka Sushi thang khong co cu… HAHAHAHHA. It’s safe to say that you better have one whopping appetite to tackle this eatery with absolute no service and aircon… just a really dingy looking home turned eatery with massive servings of sushi, sashimi and all that good stuff. Lets just safely assume that the three of us were literally on the verge of sushi overdose aka food coma aka, don’t touch me, don’t poke me, don’t make me laugh or I WILL throw up on you.

We didn’t get home til about midnight… which was when we put our cleaning skills into action. Vaccuumed, wiped, cleaned, scrubbed, washed… spring cleaning at midnight. Who does thatttt?! Oh right, we did – in preparation for a friend to crash over for the weekend. Phew!

Once as forementioned friend arrived, we headed to the city for yum cha at Marigold. Again, we were on the verge of ANOTHER food coma and we have yet to recover from the coma from the previous night! We all stumbled out of Marigold with ballooned up bellies and was on the lookout for a bar/pub for a cold refreshing beer. One beer at one bar, turned into another beer at another bar… and then a soju at Arisun. Unintentional bar hopping. FAIL.

It was close to 530pm and we were going to be late if we were going to make it to our 6pm Hurricanes booking down at Bondi. Seeing that two out of three of us were on the tipsy side and would find walking back to the car a slight struggle, we hopped into a taxi and made our way to Bondi. (Which two you ask of? I’ll leave that up to you to decide). After a full rack of ribs and a bottle of wine, the three of us lounged down by the beach and watched the clouds float by… it wasn’t long before the stars came out and the night life at Bondi was in full swing. Time to dust ourselves off and cab it back to the city.

We karaoked the night away, got some Macca’s on the way home and off to bed.. whether it be the floor, couch or bed. S’ll the same.

Thank gosh for Sunday – recovery day! Some food at Cab, some movies at home, coffee and patbingsoo at night and drivies back home for the friend. Oh oh, I saw charismatic waiter again! *massive grin* LOL


Bon Appetit

Sleep deprived… oh so sleep deprived!

After a life changing.. (ok, I may be over exaggerating a bit) but still, after a HUGE decision on what to do and where to go from here, it’s decided. This chapter will be closed and a new chapter to start within the coming months. Excitinggggggg! This relevation resulted in a massive lack of sleep… 4 hours more or less to be exact!

Surprisingly, Friday seemed to cruise by (from memory) and it wasn’t long til the weekend started… oh yeahhhhh~

We had dinner at home that night but headed out to Hungs’ rented apartment in World Square to hang and play poker with friends and acquaintances before Hungs’ big day. What a view the apartment had — 74th floor and I regretfully did NOT. BRING. MY. CAMERA. *DIESSSSSSSSSSSSSS* Just like the previous night, we didn’t get any shut eye til the wee hours of the morning.. and I mean wee!

Super woman! Hahahha!

Our roomie for the last couple of days; Kiki! She’s so cute!

Saturday was going to be a corker of a day! Nomz and Hien (friend bunking with us this weekend) plus two others got ready and proceeded to the wedding ceremony whilst I venture on my solo adventure to the harbour bridge. I was ready to tackle that baby down, and I sure did a good job out of it me thinks! Managed to clock up 16km, 25,000 steps and burnt off over 700 calories for the day (I’m not sure if burning off 700 calories is possible but that’s what my handy trusty pedometer said). Got dropped off at The Rocks, tackled the markets, searched for the bridge walk stairs (was walking circles.. gah!!), climbed the stairs, walked across the bridge, walked back across the bridge, climbed the Pylon, took a kazillion photos that they ended up looking the same after 100+ shots, crawled back down the stairs, legged and dodged patrons at The Rocks Markets (again!), speed walked on George St, detoured to Myer, bypassed everyone on the escalators all the way to level 5, bypassed everyone on the escalators all the way down to Ground level, FOUND *hallelujah!* T2, bought a few things and whilst waited for them to giftwrap say gift, mini pit stop at The Cupcake Bakery, devoured oneself in a red velvet cupcake, returned to T2, picked up gift and scooted back out onto George St, (running late now as I was to meet up with friend at Broadway in 20!), gunned down free bus (SCORE!), hopped off at Capitol Square, speed walked to Broadway… wait, mini pit stop at Bread Top cause I got hungry, continued speed walking to Broadway, ignored the travellator and flew up the stairs to level 2 and finally… FINALLY, collapsed huffed and puffed out in front of Karen.

the rocks sydney wedding
Wedding photoshoot taking place down by The Rocks whilst I play stalkerazzi.

harbour bridge sydney metal
Underneath the Harbour Bridge

bridge climb sydney harbour bridge
View from the Bridge Stairs

harbour bridge sydney
The start of the bridge walk… gahhhhhhh~ SOOC shot!

sydney harbour bridge plaque

pylon lookout sydney harbour bridge
This panoramic is so skewed but I can’t be bothered fixing it.. blah!


I finally got to watch Julie and Julia and boy, was I not satisfied! I don’t know if I have much to say about the movie, there were no high points, or low points… it pretty plateaued from the get go… Like I said, disappointing, and the food porn… OMG, fail! But at least, we both got free tickets, so all good in the hood!

After the movie and the well deserved rest, we legged it to Darling Harbour to just chat and mingle and people watch… cause you all know that people watching is fun and a great past time to have… it could almost be eye opening! Ha ha! It didn’t take long before we decided to grab some dinner as I figured that there’d be a long ass line at Din Tai Fung anyways, so best we line up and get hungry in the process and hopefully our number will be called. Dinner was sufficient and enjoyable but it’s definitely not a place I’d go to again. Especially knowing that I could get the same thing for a fraction of the price.. like another of my friend said, it’s an upmarket version of a Chinese restaurant in a food court with a more efficient and speedy service. Review or rant, go here > (link to come).

After satisfying our hunger pangs, we went walkies around Chinatown, either in search of a bar to have a cocktail or dessert to feed Karen’s durian ice cream crave. Unfortunately, for me that is, the sky decided to open up and start raining (GAH!! I was in a tshirt). We ran around china town in search of some ice cream (ice cream trumped cocktails for the night) and ended up at Passionflower Capitol Square. Yay and nay.. I have a love hate relationship at this parlour.

Before you know it, it’s almost midnight and I gotsa bus it home in the rain… gahhhhh. Managed to get home a-ok, just a little worse for wear in terms of being semi drenched and completely sore all over. Got myself cleaned up, a hot cuppa and time for bed.

Oh yeah, what happened to Nomz and Hien you might ask? They went to the wedding ceremony, headed to the shops cause Hien needed a new dress, went back home, got ready and headed to the reception where they had a great time! Pics to come!

And to wrap up the weekend, the whole house didn’t get up til 2PM in the arvo, we (Nomz, Hien, Hong and myself) headed to Chinatown, grabbed a bite to eat at Kura which equalled as my breakfast, lunch and dinner, dropped by Hungs’ house, chilled for a bit and headed home again. Sunday was a short day, which unfortunately meant that Monday was inching closer and closer, and what do you know.. it’s Monday today.

Just half an hour to go and I’m a day closer to the weekend!


**Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors.. haven’t gotten a chance to reread this but will do so tonight, or tomorrow, or the day after! Or neverrrrrr!

Pics TBC.


Can you believe it? It’s only Wednesday! ONLY FREAKING WEDNESDAY!!!  T_T

The last two days have gone by painfully slow and dwelling on this fact isn’t exactly smart cause it’s not helping, but alas, we have reached Hump day… Wednesday. I just need to pull through today, and then I can see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. *Le sigh*

Looking back on the previous weekend, most notably Sunday, yum cha was in practice followed by a short session of grocery shopping. A stark contrast to the past two days where I woke up angry… angry as to what was ahead of me, in fact, I’m still angry… maybe more annoyed as to what still lies ahead of me, each freaking week day. Yeah, I know I sound disturbed… maybe I am.

Yesterday evening, a few of us (us, as in a few workmates; and few, as in five – me inclusive (yes I know, grammatically incorrect — I think?) got together and went out for a spontaneous night out for dinner. The spot for the night? Doytao Thai in Newtown as recommended by Dr. D. Food was pretty good, ambience was nice, homely and comfortable, and the company – excellento! I had a great time eating and talking, or bitching, whichever term you want to give it and planning… yes planning, for our next mission. SIFF Sugar Hit? Drinks? Karaoke? House Party? Gimme a time and date, and I’m there. Can’t wait!


The Human Soul

Had a spontaneous lunch break yesterday – hotpot at Red Chilli Hotpot Restaurant on Glebe Point Road, (and lo and behold, I didn’t have my camera on me). The five of us ate $125 worth of food and it was OH SO GOOD. Hot chilli goodness, mushrooms, cabbage, meat, quail eggs, fish balls, tofu and a variety of sauce concoctions!

Only downfall from an awesome lunch like that? So much food in our tummies, couldn’t walk, couldn’t laugh, it hurt to talk… just a touch and it would’ve been your worse day. Ever.

Thanks for the invite Helena, was really good to get away from the office! =D

And guess what? It’s Friday today, oh hells yeah!